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Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Updated on March 16, 2011

Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Make Shopping for Royal Blue Prom Dresses Easy

If you're as confused and stressed out as most girls are when shopping for their royal blue prom dresses, then it's wise to take it step by step and start at the very beginning - it can be as simple as deciding first what exactly a few key things that could narrow your search down drastically and get you the prom dress of your dreams. This can include what length prom dress you want, short or long, or what color prom dresses you are interested, which in this case is royal blue prom dresses, but it could be pink or yellow prom dresses.

Royal blue prom dresses are a great choice for anyone, because whether you're a blue-eyed blonde haired young lady or a dark brunette with brown eyes, you all will look equally as beautiful in your long or short royal blue prom dress. Plus, it's a color you won't have to sacrifice yourself to the tanning booth for. It looks great on light and dark skin.

Finding Cheap Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it has to be ugly. For whatever reason you're looking for cheap royal blue prom dresses, finding cheap royal blue prom dresses can be as easy as looking online. I would suggest places like eBay where you can sometimes find awesome deals on really gorgeous designer and brand name royal blue prom dresses, or Amazon where they just have a beautiful selection for great prices period. Click here to visit eBay or to see what is available right now for cheap royal blue prom dresses.

Royal Blue Prom Dresses
Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Tips for Finding the Royal Blue Prom Dress of Your Dreams

Once you've definitely made the decision that a royal blue prom dress is what you want, you need to decide what length, if this is something you haven't already done. There are huge selections when it comes to lengths of royal blue prom dresses out there in stores and online, so it's entirely up to you. There are even in-between length royal blue prom dresses with really intricate hemlines.

Here are some tips for choosing the right royal blue prom dress for you - the long and short of it.

Long Royal Blue Prom Dresses

While any girl can look great in long royal blue prom dresses, if you're tall, then long royal blue prom dresses are definitely the way to go. Short royal blue prom dresses may make you look too leggy or not formal enough. You can also go for royal blue prom dresses that have embellishments on the top area near your chest and the plain royal blue below to break your height up a bit. Just remember to embrace your height not hide it, a lot of girls would love to have it, so show it off in long royal blue prom dresses.

More Royal Blue Prom Dress Shopping Advice

If your dress is uncomfortable or makes you feel uncomfortable, you will not have a good time at your prom, and that's the most important thing about your prom is that you have fun and dance the night away with friends. It's a once in a lifetime experience that you will forever remember, so enjoy it as much as you can. Feeling beautiful and confident is only part of the final equation.

  • If you're thin, you can often wear any style dress or material, because no matter how the prom dress hangs, you won't have any bulges. You can also wear the types that have cutouts strategically placed throughout. Opt for back-bearing dresses that highlight your slender physique.
  • Look for strapless dresses, off-the-shoulder, or spaghetti straps if you have great shoulders.
  • If you have some curves and a little extra weight like a lot of us do, opt for styles that have empire waists and then flow out the rest of the way down. Look for more flowing styles that don't hug you throughout and princess style dresses. Look for cuts that accentuate your chest without showing too much cleavage - showing too much cleavage at that age is not classy at all and you don't want to look like cheap prom date. This means looking for halter style necklines that don't go too low in front, strapless, or sweetheart necklines to accentuate the curviness of your upper body.

The secret for shopping for colored prom dresses is choosing a royal blue prom dress style that you'll feel confident in all night long. Confidence is much more important than showing off your curves or your skin. It doesn't matter what size you are, there are royal blue prom dresses that will be sure to highlight your best features, whether it be your smile or your eyes and make you feel like the belle of the ball.

Short Royal Blue Prom Dresses
Short Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Short Royal Blue Prom Dresses

Short royal blue prom dresses are great if you're very petite. This doesn't mean that long royal blue prom dresses won't look nice on you, in fact the right long royal blue prom dresses can add height to your physique. A short royal blue prom dresses with a silver strappy sandal or dyed royal blue satin high heel will really make you look quite elegant even though it is short. It's how you accessorize that will make short royal blue prom dresses look more formal. An updo will help with the formality as well.

Just remember that short royal blue prom dresses doesn't mean they have to be mid-thigh length. Short royal blue prom dresses include everything from micro-mini royal blue prom dresses to cocktail or mid-calf length royal blue prom dresses. Look for an assymetrical bottom on your short royal blue prom dress to especilly stand out, but as long as your feel beautiful on your big night, you will stand out anyway.


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