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Royal Blue Shirt

Updated on March 16, 2011

Looking Good in your Shirt

We all know that looking good in today's world matters a whole lot. Whether you have a job interview or attending a wedding a royal blue shirt can fulfill this need of looking good. A clean well ironed dress shirt can go a long way in making a good first impression. This article is meant to be help you choose what shirt is best for your next special occasion.

Dressing with style can make you look better than you might otherwise appear. Take for instance someone dressed with a wrinkled shirt that looks like it just came out of a washing machine and another person with a wrinkle free shirt both interview for the same job. If they are both equal in experience I would say nine times out of ten times the person with the wrinkle free shirt will get the job.

Another part of the clothing is the color or pattern of the shirt. I prefer a royal blue shirt for many reasons when it comes to dressing up and looking good. We will hit on a few of the reasons below.

What Style Of Royal Blue Shirt To Choose

Different occasions call for different shirt styles and colors. Say for instance you would not were a royal blue collared shirt to a a volleyball game or a royal blue t-shirt to a weeding. Like shirt color shirt styles have there place.

A colored royal blue shirt is perfect for many formal affairs. It can be worn with or with out a tie.

A royal blue t-shirt is perfect for days you want to be comfortable but still look good. Places to wear this type of shirt are around the pool, at the beach or outside shopping on a summer day

Royal blue long sleeved shirts or sweaters are good for the colder month seasons, whether out by a campfire or an overnight fishing trip you can still look good in your royal blue shirt.

Royal blue shirts can be purchased online at and also eBay for low prices.

Royal Blue Shirt
Royal Blue Shirt

Royal Blue Polo and Dress Shirts

Royal blue polo shirts and royal blue button up dress shirts are good for men who need to have nice appearance. Both shirts are made for more formal affairs than say a t-shirt or tank top. They are normally made from cotton, silk, or a synthetic blend.

royal blue dress shirt
royal blue dress shirt

More About Royal Blue Shirts

Unlike other color shirts, royal blue shirts can look good on almost anybody, no matter their skin color or hair color. But if you are one of those lucky people with blue eyes than a royal blue shirt will really bring out the color of your eyes, which is normally a good thing.


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