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Royal Blue Shoes

Updated on March 10, 2011

Royal Blue Womens Shoes

When choosing an outfit from the closet, almost all women and men know that their outfit is not complete until the shoes are chosen - women especially are attuned to this fashion. Royal blue shoes are often overlooked in many peoples' closet, but for the fashion conscious, it really should be a shoe to consider. It is often said that women judge other women by their shoes. Silly or not, royal blue shoes should be something you consider when putting together an outfit.

Womens royal blue shoes come in many styles, many colors, and many varieties. A complete women's closet will have a pair of shoes to match every outfit in the closet. Having a purse to match the royal blue shoes, or any other color shoes, plus the outfit is also a good idea. One major thing to consider is the royal blue shoe style. It is not only the color of the womens royal blue shoes that matters, you would not want to wear sneakers to wedding after all. This is why having many styles of shoes and colors is important in having a complete wardrobe.

Choosing the Style Royal Blue Shoes for the Occasion

After you have decided on the outfit, it is time to decide on the high heel shoe to match. Royal blue shoes go best with cool colored outfits like taupes, blacks, and grays. But royal blue shoes they can also look great with an almost completely white outfit.

Not only do you have to match your shoe to your outfit, but you also need to consider matching the royal blue shoes to the occasion. The fancier the occasion, the fancier the shoe. A low heel womens royal blue shoe is perfect for daytime occasions, while high heels are better for evening soirées. Womens royal blue shoes in a high heel are also perfect for weddings and more formal events. My mother has always said, "the more formal the affair, the higher the heel." I think I tend to agree with this.

For a terrific selection of royal blue shoes, whether it be royal blue dress shoes or royal blue pumps, I would highly recommend visiting Amazon or eBay to see the varieties of royal blue shoes online at the best prices. Click here to view what is available at and eBay. Both stores have many beautiful designer and brand name royal blue shoe styles for sale right now at a lot lower price than you would ever pay in stores.

Royal Blue Shoes
Royal Blue Shoes

Royal Blue Shoes Texture

Another overlooked point when matching shoes is the royal blue shoes' texture. The best way to match shoe texture is not to the texture of the outfit but to the purse that will be worn with the outfit. I have found by far this is the easiest way to match textures. Keep rich royal blue shoes materials like velvet for evening wearing.

Royal blue basketball shoes
Royal blue basketball shoes

Royal Blue Basketball Shoes

Although I've been mainly talking about women's royal blue dress shoes and royal blue high heels, it is time to honor royal blue basketball shoes. Royal blue basketball shoes can be a great alternative to your boring black or white basketball shoes. You can usually find a great variety of royal blue basketball shoes to look like your favorite player online.

If you're worried that bright royal blue shoes are not for you, then consider that many royal blue basketball shoes have only accents of royal blue. Keep in mind though, that royal blue basketball shoes can be really stylish.


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