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Royal blue shoes - Dress to impress

Updated on March 14, 2013

Pink, red, white, ivory and similar shades are mostly associated with women. Blue, black, gray and most of the earth colors are for men. This is noticeable especially when you purchase a gift for your nephew or niece’s christening. Most apparent is the theme for a wedding ceremony. Rarely can you see a wedding wherein the motif is blue. Blue has a countless shades. However, commonly seen to be worn are midnight blue, powder blue (pastel), and royal blue. For men, royal blue can be seen frequently on the running shoes or any sporty shoes. But for women, except for sports shoes, a pair of royal blue shoes is something that is not frequently worn because it may not compliment what you are wearing that day. This article discusses some of the colors that will blend well with your royal blue shoes.

If you think that royal blue is a newly-added color to the fashion industry, you are wrong. Whilst it is true that black, white, gray and more subdued colors are commonly used by women in the past in parties and special events, hot pink and royal blue are considered as vintage too. Royal blue in the past has been paired with either white or dark red to give out a beautiful contrast of shades. For a cocktail party, your satin royal blue shoes will surely look great and fabulous with a velvety red dress. For your little girl, she will look delicious with a candy pink dress and royal blue sandals. A royal blue wedge is great with a faded blue jeans and a white blouse, or if you are off to your work, pair a royal blue pumps with cream colored business suit.

A wedding can be very unique especially if you decide on letting your bridal entourage wear royal blue shoes. It will not only look unique but it will set the mood for a brighter and lighter ceremony. You can integrate pink or red or white with it. Stop worrying where to purchase a dozen of same colored shoes as its availability is not a question with the online shoe stores. By simply keying the words royal blue shoes in your search engine, you will be directed to online shoe stores that offer different designs and sizes of the blue shade.

As established, royal blue is not just for men, but also for women. If you have not decided on a color for your wedding or for your debut, consider royal blue. A powder blue evening gown blends well with a pair of glittering royal blue sandals. No one is stopping you from choosing the color for your special day. Have fun in doing it. Remember that your shoe is the final outfit that either make or break you. It sets the entire mood for the entire occasion. Your shoes maybe in the lowest part of your outfit but your shoes can make a statement. Lastly, with a royal blue shade, whether it is your dress or your shoes, one thing is common, it brings out the lively character of each person surrounding you.


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