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Ryka Toning Shoes - Toning Shoes with a Custom Female Fit

Updated on October 11, 2011

Would you trust this woman to look after your toning needs?

I think I would. She seems to know a thing or two about keeping her body in trim.

Kelly Ripa sums up the Ryka brand and is the epitome of the woman to which the brand caters. Strong, independent and knows what she wants. Ryka Footwear was formed in 1987 to fill a gap in the market for tailored female athletic footwear. Many brand name trainer manufacturers still use a unisex last for construction of their training shoes. Ryka like to do things differently. The brand is dedicated to providing only the best for the woman’s body and offer exclusive women’s athletic shoes which provide a custom female fit, excellent comfort, and great toning properties.

The Rykä Renew toning shoe

The Rykä Renew is a stylish new addition to the Ryka Reform toning shoes collection which incorporates muscle toning and posture correcting features to help tone your muscles and build up strength in the lower body while you walk. Designed to replace a standard trainer, the shoes help to activate more muscle groups and promote a healthier walking gait to correct the posture.

Ryka Style

Ryka Reform from Famous Footwear
Ryka Reform from Famous Footwear

How does the Ryka Reform toning shoe work?

The shoes feature a rounded rocker sole to help change the walking gait and posture. They help you to stand up straighter and they offer the advantages of walking barefoot in soft sand. They give excellent cushioning to protect the joints of the leg and foot from shock waves, and the rolling motion of the foot helps to activate more muscles, increasing the toning value of walking.

The shoes strengthen the muscles in the leg and help to add definition to the muscle groups without building up bulk. More muscle activity means more calories burnt with every step, and the shoes are a great addition to a weight loss program. The shoes have been accepted by the APMA and offer a great cushioning and toning session whenever you walk, be it for a training session or simply completed your normal daily activities.

The Ryke Renew toning shoe from the Ryka Reform range
The Ryke Renew toning shoe from the Ryka Reform range

How do Ryka Reform shoes fit? Are Ryka shoes comfortable?

Rykä understands the female body and appreciates that one size really doesn’t fit all. All shoes are constructed on a female last; the anatomical mould used when making shoes. Ryka offers a tailored fit for the unique shape of a woman’s foot, which is narrow in the heel and wider in the toes than men's feet. The shoes are designed to keep the bones of the feet and the toes perfectly aligned for comfort and help to improve the posture.

The upper features an instep stretch fit feature which helps to secure the shoe comfortably for all female feet, regardless of arch height. N2-DM™ & Renew™ Foam helps to stretch the Achilles and the hamstrings and offers great stability and shock absorption when walking.

The rear of the sole is angled to offer a focussed heel strike for maximum shock absorption, and the body is gently propelled forward into the next step. The forefoot area features flex grooves for a more natural push off flexing with the natural movement of the metatarsals.

With a snug fit comes comfort, and The new Renew toning shoe, and the entire Reform range are great for long exercise sessions and are highly breathable with a mesh upper to keep the feet cool and dry at all times.

Ryka - Design and fitness for women only
Ryka - Design and fitness for women only

The Verdict

The shoe crams in a lot of technology and has innovative features. The grooves in the forefoot help to achieve a more natural flex when walking, which is both comfortable and supportive. The shoes feel lighter and less chunky than many rocker sole brands. However the shoes only really target the calves, hamstrings and quadriceps for toning so if you are after a firmer butt and abdomen then there are more comprehensive toning shoes on the market. All in all a great shoe with good looks and are available around the $100 mark.

Shop around, check out the competition and choose the brand and style once you have found out all of the facts. To help you get all the information you need on toning shoes visit my other toning shoe hubs below:


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