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Simple and Easy Eye Makeup

Updated on June 6, 2017

Hi beautiful people!

Today I'm sharing with you my eye shadow routine for a simple outing or if you need to look presentable on a short notice!

I've began being more active on my new Youtube Channel and hope to bring more videos on my travels, beauty routines, and DIY projects so stay tuned for my exciting new beginning!

Base and Primer

Starting off,

I already had exfoliated and primed, for exfoliation I used my new KONJAC Sponge I received for Christmas. The sponge is so gentle and infused with bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal is known for extracting black heads, controlling oily skin, and its naturally cleansing. I primed my face with the primer from the Elf products cosmetics. I alternate primers between different brands so my skin doesn't get used to it.

For foundation, I am currently using Maybelline FIT ME in the color 238-RIch Tan. I like it, but I will look for something smoother to application and that dries faster. I contour with this foundation and when I do my contouring strokes create splotchy dots on my cheeks because it hasn't dried yet.

Urban Decay / Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eye shadow was the main focus of my video because everyone does their foundation differently and I didn't want to have to go through all the steps for something everyone does their own way. I used a lighter/almost grey color scheme for this look. I love this shadow look for a transitioning season that needs an everyday look. It makes you look wide awake especially if you contour and bake your under eyes with translucent powder.

First I began with an easy shade for a base (I used the color Naked), I used the Naked palette and choose the color depending on my skin tone. Everyone will be different, but you should typically choose a shade 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone after you apply your foundation.Choosing a lighter shade helps with defining your brow and makes shadow application easier.

After I had my base, I used a shimmery shade from the Modern R. Palette which is called Vermeer. I applied this under my brow so I can use the highlight to bring in the light to my eyes and have them look open and awake.

I then used an angle brush to create a crease in the "V" of my eye. The palette I used was the Modern R. and the color Antique Bronze. (I will show brushes I used below).

After, I finished the eye look with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Pencil. I had to deepen the crease with the color from the Naked Palette called Creep because I wanted more of a cat eye look. I lined my under eye with the color Hustle from the Naked Palette and thew on some black eyeliner by tight lining my eyes. Then I was happy to continue to mascara! I don't like filling in my brows, but when I was younger I took in to much from the center and now I have a patch that doesn't grow that I always need to fill in... Ugh haven't we all been there -.-

Brushes I Used

I bought these brushes from the site
I bought these brushes from the site

To conclude, (left to right)

I would say I had an angled liner brush for definition, a flat head brush for patting down and packing the product, and a short brush for a defined crease. The last brush is just a fluffy blending brush to transition all the shades together.

I hope you enjoyed my video and hope to bring you many more videos throughout the year!


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    • vesselinaadrianna profile image

      Vesselina Raltcheva 11 months ago from San Diego, CA

      Yea this look fits any season , thank you!