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Safe money on your clothes

Updated on February 23, 2011

Even with not much money it's possible to have to have a good wardrobe.

Buy your clothes smart and be creative.

Here are some tips for buying and taking care of you cloths.


- Only buy cloths when it's absolutely necessary. Think in advance about what kind of clothing should be purchased and onley look for that!

- Brandclothing is often expensive, so wait until the sale and you will find a lot of clothes for half price or less.

- Don't buy brandclothing at all, if the money is not there. There are a lot of other shops where you can look for clothes, that look just like brandclothing.

- Do not buy clothes straight from the latest collection. After a few weeks, the same clothes have discounts, so wait for that.

- Wait until the last round of the sale. There is a lot of clothes for a lot less. You can buy discounted childrens clothes one size bigger and wait untill they can wear it.

- Many stores like customers loyalty and have loyalty cards and special shopping nights. Take advantage off that, it can save you a lot off money.

- A few good basics are essential in the wardrobe. You can combine them with cloths that are in fashion. Remember that white blouse, a natural-colored shirt, etc.

- Buy clothes for children in a bigger size. They can still grow until the clothing is too small.

- A party but no dress? It is also possible rent costumes for one day. It saves the cost of buying clothes and it's not in you closet unused.

- Is there unused clothing in the closet? Organize a dress party. There are probably more people in the area that find this is a good idea. Invite friends, family, neighbors and everybody you want for an evening and let everyone take cloths with them they don't wear. Swap clothes of comparable value and everyone goes home happy.

- Buy some nice accessories like necklaces, bracelets, bags and scarves.

- Go look at a secondhand clothing store. You can sell or buy your clothes there.

- Make your own clothes. Fabric is not always cheap but at markets are often tons of leftovers and those are pretty affordable.

- Don't throw away clothes when something is wrong with them, but repair them as much as possible. .

Taking care

- Wash clothes inside out, it stays longer beautifull.

- Follow the washing instructions carefully.

- Don't hang clothes to dry in the sun to fade faster.


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