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Safety First When Choosing Children's Pajamas

Updated on March 20, 2011

It is not hard to locate attractive, cozy and durable children's pajamas as long as they meet straight safety regulations for sleepwear. There are various guidelines for the safety of children's pajamas issued by the Federal Government. All children's pajamas must meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission's standards if sold in the USA.

These standards for safety are applicable for sleepwear which is intended for infant sizes from the age of nine months up to a child's size of 14. The sizes for infants that are younger than nine months are not covered by the safety guidelines. Adult sizes are also not covered.

Children's PJs Must Be CPSC Approved

Children's pajamas have to be flame resistant or very snug fitting so that the safety standards can be satisfied. The resistance to burning is achieved by manufacturers through the application of various chemicals which retard flames on the children's cotton nightgowns and pajamas. There are other fabrics, including polyester, which can be made flame-resistant and thus also fit the standards for safety.

We have all seen polyester or cotton pajamas for children on display in low end stores which are made of extremely shoddy materials and with horrible workmanship. Although the price of these children's pajamas may be attractive, they tend to shrink up considerably after a few launderings and become unusable. In order to select the perfect children's pajamas - and since they have to wear them every night - the choice of purchasing quality sleepwear which resists repeated washing without becoming too snug can be a better choice for your budget than consistently buying new cheap pajamas because the last set have become too tight or is literally falling apart.

Loose fitting pajamas for children made of cotton fabric may just be the single most popular choice of children's sleepwear. There are many quality manufacturers of cotton children's pajamas that provide flame resistant, but very cuddly, pajamas and nightgowns for children. Quality manufacturers generally make their sizing quite generous so that a child can actually grow a bit into them.

100% Cotton PJs Are A Traditional Favorite

There are many outstanding styles of children's pajamas that are made from 100% pure cotton. These are available from leading manufacturers in extremely attractive patterns, designs and styles which coordinate with adult pajamas. You can also find storybook characters and bedtime classic stories illustrated directly onto the fabric of 100% cotton children's sleepwear. Children love these pajamas because they're fun and comfortable. Children tend to love pictures of fun characters on their pajamas such as a dog, a cat, a fairy, a horse, fire truck or their favorite cartoon or movie character.

Polyester Can Be Flame Resistant & High Quality

Many leading manufacturers produce children's pajamas from exceptionally high-quality polyester. These synthetic fabrics can be just attractive and comfortable as cotton when making children's sleepwear. There are also very clever kinds of children's pajama designs which combine various elements of nylon and acrylic in order to achieve a high safety rating of flame resistance with soft and luxurious cotton. These types of pajamas are made flame retardant without using chemicals to treat the fabric, which is the preferred solution to increase comfort and safety in children's sleepwear.


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