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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Durable, Fast Manicures!

Updated on February 2, 2016


Sally Hansen offers a variety of colors and designs to choose from. They are easy to apply, shape, and take off, all the things that anyone would want from a manicure! Here are some tips and tricks to prepare, apply, and remove. I hope you find this useful!

Getting the Product

Firstly, sometimes even finding the ones you actually want are tough on occasion, I wanted the colored flower ones and took three different places to find them! I think they are worth it, they are easy to apply, they do last for at least the 10 days they say they will, and best of all, there is no waiting time. You can find these at Wal-Mart, CVS, and likely Walgreens, but I found that Amazon might have ones you like for much cheaper. So check them out, first, if you don't mind waiting a few days. There are probably more places where they are available, but these are the three places I've seen them at.

Getting Started

After you find the ones you want to put on, the first thing you would want to do is prepare your nails for the strips. You want to trim, file, and push your cuticles back (you can use the wooden stick they give you) to have a clear space to work with. You also may want to file the surface of your nails a bit, too, this makes the strips stick to your nails better--well, I believe so anyway. If you do, use the darker pink to file your nails, then use the white side to 'buff' or smooth your nails. Also, make sure that you have nothing on your nails such as nail polish, you may want to run over your nails with a polish remover a couple times. Now, you are ready to start applying!

Applying the Strips

First, you will want to apply your thumbs last, it makes the application easier if your thumbs are not done first. So start with an index or pinky and work your way around. To start, just take the individual strips out, lay them out on the table, and try each size on the finger you are doing, make sure that the strip is not too small, it is okay if it is a little big, because you can use the pointed edge of the wooden stick to push the edges in and also get rid of the excess.

When you have found the right size for your finger, just peel off the clear plastic, then pick up the little silver strip at the bottom and peel the nail polish strip off of the white cardboard. Then, separate the bottom of the strip from the top (there are perforations to separate easily), and put the edge that you did not separate right up to your cuticle. Then, lay it out evenly, from the cuticle to the tip. It is easier to work your way from your cuticle to the tip of your nail, pressing decently hard, also.

After it is laid on your nail, you need to get rid of the excess. What I do is I make a 'crease' at the corner of my nail by sort of folding the strip downwards so my nail is tightly covered by the strip. Then, you take the filer (on the light pink edge) and file the excess away, but when you do, you want to file more so underneath your nail to 'cut' the excess off, not on the edge of your nail, this could create a rough edge to the strip and make it look ragged already.

When you have filed the strip and removed the excess, take the wooden stick that has a sort of angled flat edge and run it over the strip--pretty firmly--from the cuticle to the tip to seal the strip onto your nail. Then, take the filer again and file your nails with the light pink edge, again, to remove what is hanging over the edge of your nail.

Final Product

These have actually been on for about 9-10 days, so they are a little worn.
These have actually been on for about 9-10 days, so they are a little worn.

Just repeat for each nail, and you will have an instantly dried, perfect, durable manicure!

NOTE: It takes a little bit for the strips' adhesive to dry, and also the 'rubber-ness' to the feeling of the nail will also go away. ALSO: DO NOT use just one for one finger. I have noticed a lot of people doing so, if you open the pack of strips, they will dry out!


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    • An Aberrant Taste profile image

      Kelcie Rae Dunn 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Yes, sushimia, they are awesome! :) If you want them cheapest, I'd say Walmart. Here they are about 8.50, I'm not sure about your area though, but CVS is about 9.99, then there are my Amazon links. They are well worth it!

    • sushimia profile image

      sushimia 6 years ago

      this is so cool! i wanna buy some!