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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

Updated on August 23, 2015

Lacey Does It

Who lovesssss a good deal? I know I do! So, today I thought I would bring to you a awesome deal, that I got! I went to Ulta (make up store), for a few other things, that I will review another day! When I went, of course I checked the clearance, like I really needed to spend more money but, hey I love a good deal. Well after, going through all the green fake eyelashes, no I didn't need those and out of season lotion, didn’t need that either. I found some cute stick on nail colors. Not that I really needed them but, I paid $2 for them after tax so, yeah I had to get them. They had a few choices still left, pink with glitter, white and these that I’m wearing.

Unopened Package

About The Product

I bought, Lacy Does IT, in the color black. This product came in a little white box, with a slit in it so you could see what the stick ons looked like. There is a graphic on the box to show you a sample of what is in the box. The pack came with 18 and all in different sizes. That is really nice considering, you may have one fall off or may want to redo your nails with the same pattern. There are directions on the back off the box, they are self explanatory, nothing to difficult.

All The Nail Fitting Choices

My Review

I put these on, on a Friday afternoon. I had Friday evening plans, double date for dinner. Thought these nails would be a special touch to my outfit and give me something to talk about if the conversation ran dry. A girl has to come prepared, never know when a awkward silence my strick, So, I started with my thumb and sized it first. These stickers are very easy to just pill right off the plastic back. I placed the sticker at the base of my thumb and smoothed it upward, making sure not to go to fast, did not want any wrinkles to bubbles in it. I had all 10 nail stickers placed smoothly, the first try. Very easy to get to stick to the nail and work with, The directions on the box say to use small nail sissors to cut the paper stickers to fit your nail correctly. Well, I used my cuticle cutters, these seemed to really get the tip of the sticker to curve around each nail perfectly. Cutting them, did not talk but, a minute total. Make sure and this step is important, to over the lace in your choice of clear coat. This seems to just help insure the sticker is stuck well, on your nail. In total, it probably took me 10 minutes and this is including clear coat drying time. YAYA! Since, I hat having to sit and have my nails painted, I love the short time it takes to have these pretty nails. Well, a few hours later it was double date time. Dinner was good, maybe the chicken was a little over cooked but, I'm no cooking judge for sure, haha. But, by the time I was done eating, I noticed my nails had started to unravel at the top. YES, I did say unravel, just like thread. I had little strings hanging from over half of my nails. Clearly the lace isn't meant to be long lasting because, by the next day 3 of my stickers were missing. I know, ughh. But, I honestly was not upset. I don't feel like this particular lace product, was not made to last a week. I think these are fun for a dinner or a wedding, Just, to add something extra for an event. I would buy these again for a special occasion and yes I would pay full price. ~LillyRose


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