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Salon Employee Training: How to Train Your Salon Staff

Updated on June 29, 2013

Salon employee training is a critical function for the success of your beauty salon. If you train your staff with adequate skills and knowledge, not only will they be more confident about themselves but you will have more customers in your salon spending more money!

Happy employees create happy customers

It’s a no-brainer that customers expect a better service experience when they step into your salon. Imagine, how your staff will work without adequate training? They will keep fumbling and bumbling and this will surely annoy your customers; so much so that they will never come back!

After visiting hundreds of salons across the world, I’ve seen first-hand how every beauty salon have their own set of rules and protocols when it comes to training their salon staff. The one thing almost all of them get wrong is their approach towards salon employee training.

Most salon owners feel they don’t have the time and resources to train their employees, especially new hires. Little do they realize that with proper training their staff could be more productive, loyal and willing to go that extra mile to WOW your customers!

Training your beauty salon staff

Julie Eldrett, a beauty industry veteran strongly suggests salon owners to conduct regular training sessions for their employees. In this cosmetology education video, she talks about the most efficient (and time-saving) ways to train your salon staff so they are ready not only to serve your customers but to WOW them!

Benefits of salon employee training

Amongst several benefits of training your salon staff, the two most important ones are – more confident employees and happier customers.

As a salon owner, you should also keep in mind to conduct training sessions regularly because it increases the credibility of your salon. Moreover, this will make your employees more confident at their job and your customers will have more faith in their experience and skills.


Don’t overlook salon employee training. Having well qualified and skilled employees is the biggest asset any salon can have.

As you train them in various aspects of your business, you will set new standards and you will get more customers who will be spending more time and money in your salon because of your staff’s credibility and skills.


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