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Salvador Dali Tattoos

Updated on June 27, 2014

Salvador Dali 1904-1989 (2 Vols.)

The Eccentric Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was one of the more eccentric characters in history, and a major megalomaniac to boot. Even so, some of that was for show, and he was in reality a master marketer of himself, and many of his strange and odd behavior was performed in that context.

Dali is credited with over 1,500 hundred paintings during his lifetime, and the majority of them were of course surrealist, although some works weren't, and he also expressed himself in other mediums as well, such as sculpture, fashion and photography.

As a result, a number of fans have decided to ink not only the works of Dali on their bodies, but his image as well, and so here are a number of those creations for you to enjoy.

I thought I would start us off with some portrait tattoos of Salvador Dali, as even though you can tell it's him in all of them, they're quite uniquely done, and very well done as well.

The first one below shows some of his antics in the way his eyes hold surprise and shock, a tactic he used many times to garner attention.

Portrait Tattoo Salvador Dali

The portrait tattoo of Salvador Dali below has a similar feel to the one above as far as the eyes go, but I like the addition of the color, and of course the mustache ends.

You get the feeling that Dali is being portrayed in a surrealistic way as he painted.

Another eccentric Salvador Dali Tattoo

This tattoo is really well made, and fantastic in my opinion. What's great about it is how the tattoo artist took the body canvas he was offered and wrapped Salvador Dali's portrait around it.

I particularly like the eyes and the way the mustache was designed.

Unique Salvador Dali Portrait Tattoo

I think the reason you can do so much with Salvador Dali as far as portrait tattoos go is because he had so many expressions, as you can see below.

While the hat was a nice touch, as well as the bird, you still get those wide-opened eyes and curled up mustache that always remind you of the consummate showman.

Salvador Dali Portrait Tattoo with Hat

Salvador Dali Tattoos based on his paintings

I'm going to include a number of works of Salvador Dali reproduced as tattoos over the next several photos, and as you can see, they represent all strata's of his paintings, and are as fascinating today as they were years ago.

Salvador Dali Cross Tattoo

Salvador Dali Arm Tattoo

This tattoo of a music note with an eye is vintage Salvador Dali. Even in its simplicity the surrealism comes out strongly and effectively. Very nice.

Music Note with Eye Salvador Dali Tattoo

Salvador Dali was famous and well known for his painting of clocks, and here's a tattoo celebrating that fact.

I'm not into this one as much, but it's nice to see the Dali influence in it, and it's a lot harder to do than at first glance.

Dali Style Clock Tattoo

Salvador Dali Back Tattoo

 This is one of my favorite tattoos influenced by Salvador Dali, and I love those drawers coming out of the clothes; they look great.

Great back tattoo influenced by Salvador Dali

This one is done very effectively, and the positioning on the arm and the choice of the image to use were just right for the canvas area.

Nice Salvador Dali Arm Tattoo

These figures influenced by Salvador Dali are really neat to me. While they all have similar lines and you can tell he did them, they also are very different, which makes them even more appealing to me. Great tat.

Another Salvador Dali Figure

This is very unique, and the fish eating the tiger fantastic. You can be sure you're not going to find a copy of this anywhere on someone else's body.

Fish Eating Tigers Tattoo

Salvador Dali Tattoos a lot of fun

This was a lot of fun showing these Salvador Dali tattoos, and I could have went on and on, as there's a lot of them people have done. But considering Dali did over 1,500 paintings, I didn't want to press the limits of how far to take this.

But the tattoos included of Dali and his work are as unique as the man himself, and very enjoyable to look at.


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      HuffPost Arts 5 years ago

      We would like to feature your Dali inspired tattoo on the HuffPost Arts page for a slideshow of art tattoos. Please let us know if we have permission to proceed at Thanks!

    • profile image

      Jorge 6 years ago

      where can i get a portrait tattoo done? Wanting a proffesional

    • profile image

      Dali 6 years ago

      Amazing to see how much people love Dali's work that they'd get ink done permanently. I can fully appreciate that as I'm also a big fan...just not sure if I'd have the guts to tattoo up.