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Sanita's Professional Patent Clog: Five Colors To Choose From.

Updated on February 27, 2011
Red Sanita's Clog
Red Sanita's Clog

Sanita's Colored Clogs

Sanita's Professional Patent Clogs are one of the newer clogs from Sanita's and they offer a little bit more to choose from than your classic clogs. Their are 5 different colors that are offered. But don't worry they ae still the same great quality and still really comfortable on your feet. This Patent leather gives it the shine that you see making these some great eye catching clogs.

The sole of this clog is man-made and helps your foot take less of a beating because it cushions your feet when you walk. Even for the heavy walkers out their this shoe is perfect for you. Also the other popular feature of this clog is the great arch support that you get from it. Also the roomy toe space that this offers is unlike a lot of the shoes in this world. Also this can be used in hospitals, kitchens, office jobs they have a skid resistant out sole which helps you keep your footing on slippery surfaces.

What Customers Have To Say About Them

"comfortable and a lovely color. I get great compliments."

If you love Danskos you will like these. I wore Danskos for years and found these and love them Danskos doesn't make the awesome color selection that Sanitos does."

"Comfortable and I get Great compliments all the time."

"Helps me get through my 13 hour shift as a nurse in a ER"

The only bad thing that I could find about these shoes is that the size runs a little small so everyone says to order the next size up just for a little added room and comfort.  No one has had problems with the colors, sizes, sole wear and tear.  These are a hit no matter who you talk to.  Not into the funky colors check out the Sanita's Professional Oil Clogs

"They offer superb support for my high arches, and my feet have NEVER felt better"


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