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Sapphire Engagement and Bridal Rings

Updated on November 24, 2011

Now the trend has been set! What am I talking about? Sapphire Rings are going to be the new trend in engagement and bridal rings. This will be influenced by the upcoming Royal wedding. No doubt you have heard that Prince William has proposed to Kate Middleton. The engagement ring is none other than the ring his mother received during her engagement, thus named the Princess Diana Ring. There have been many Replicas created because of such a  high demand. Please check out the rest of the site for a wide selection of Sapphire Engagement and Bridal rings that encompass a wide price range.  Yes there is something for everyone!

The Gemstone Sapphire comes from Greek origin and simpily means blue.  The Sapphire is said to represent honesty and faithfulness, which makes it an ideal gemstone for engagements.  The sapphire the birth stone for the month of September.

Here is the ring that started it all, well sort of.. This ring is the Faux Sapphire Engagement Ring inspired by Princess Diana. The center is cut oval glass surrounded by a star-burst of round cut stones. The band is made of electroplated sterling silver. This ring is very popular. At the time I am writing this only size four is available.


And now for a little something that will make you go WOW! The stone is genuine Sapphire and surrounded by 13 brilliant diamonds. It equals 1.68 carats. The band is 2mm thick and made of white gold. This might be as close to the Princess Diana Ring you can get!

 This Natural white Gold Bridal Natural Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings.  The  6mm round Sapphire is surrounded by dazzling 1.1 carat white diamonds.  The band is 14k white gold  and 2mm wide.  This ring is available in sizes 4 to 9.

This ring is really lovely. If your gal doesn't like big bulky jewelry then this ring might be what you are looking for. The Deep blue Sapphire against the white gold is stunning. The Sapphire is surrounded by two diamond rings. Three stones to commemorate togetherness or the past present and future. The band is white gold and is 2mm wide.


This ring would be sure to be the envy of all your girlfriends! Genuine Sapphire stone is surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. The band is white gold. Available in sizes 4 to 9.

This genuine Sapphire Ring with princess cut diamonds is gorgeous. Not only do the diamonds surround the oval sapphire, they are inserted in the 14k white gold band in a channel.  I don't know a girl whose eyes wouldn't light up after receiving this as a gift!  One customer review gave this ring high marks.  He gave it to his fiancee and loves how it sparkles in any light!

14K White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Bridal Anniversary Band Ring

This is a very striking engagement or anniversary ring.  The ring contains four round shape diamonds, that have a total carat weight of .25.  Also included are 4 square shaped blue Sapphires.  The ring is resizable and is availble in sizes from 4 to 9.

2.60 cttw 925 Sterling Silver 14K White Gold Plated Lab Created Heart Shape Sapphire Engagement Ring Size 7

 This is a ring with a lot of heart, Sapphire heart that is. This lab created heart shaped sapphire is surrounded by white topaz. The band is white gold plated silver.   This a very pretty ring with a great price.  There are several  other heart shaped jewelry items available to accompany this ring as well.

 This 1.9 cttw Sapphire Engagement ring comes in 14 K white gold or 14 K yellow gold.  Sizes range from 4 to 8 depending upon the color.  The square cut Sapphire is surrounded by two diamonds and has diamond baguettes in the band. This ring comes with a free lifetime warranty and gift bag.

 This ring is quite showy.  I really like how the blue Sapphire contrasts to the white gold of the ring.  The blue Sapphire is lab created. The band is white gold plated.  There are 48 white topaz on the ring.


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