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Sarah Jessica Parker's New B.O. Perfume Smells Nice?

Updated on February 20, 2012

Perfume-fickle celebrities always attempt to create a perfume for the everywoman. Though these celebrities, on their personal time, wouldn't be caught dead with something fragrant on their bodies, once a money-making endorsement deal is in sight, they start singing a different tune altogether.

Sarah Jessica Parker to release new B.O. perfume
Sarah Jessica Parker to release new B.O. perfume

These once smell-phobic, aroma-allergic celebrities suddenly claim that their newly manifested perfume endorsements are the result of a legendary search for the universal perfume, a perfume that everyone loves. And, so the story goes: perfume-hating celebrity X absolutely believes that perfume Y is perfect for everyone. After all, even perfume-hating celebrity X loves perfume Y.

Eva's anticipated new perfume
Eva's anticipated new perfume
Justin's cologne endeavors
Justin's cologne endeavors

Eva Longoria, the starlet of Desperate Housewives fame, once announced that she was "previously somewhat allergic to perfumes." But now, she has created Eva, a perfume with "light, fresh, unique" notes that will work for every woman. And by miracle, apparently, she is not allergic to this one.

In recent years, the perfume-hater-cum-perfume-endorser trend has run a little rampant. Justin Timberlake, for example, enjoys his own funky smell. He has stated in the past that if you're going to be funky you got to smell the part. He's also gone on the record to state that it would be ridiculous for him to come up with a celebrity scent. He said that this would be the lowest form of self-promotion and he would never stoop so low. But down he stooped to snatch up the fragrance deal from Givenchy, and his tune is all but the same. Givenchy Play is a cologne, states Timberlake, that appeals to non-cologne wearers, and even cologne-phobes like himself.

So if fragrances for the everyman are what fickle, non-perfume-loving celebrities are after, then what the heck is Sarah Jessica Parker doing?

Sarah Jessica Parker is well-known as a distinctive perfume wearer. With her off-beat tastes, Parker has chased after the stinkiest and mustiest of Egyptian musks. This passion for perfumes and her discerning nose gracefully landed her a Coty deal, with which she has created Lovely and Covet. The long tug of war between Parker's idealistic concepts and generic market demands resulted in these two beautifully warming perfumes. But they weren't quite what she had dreamed of creating.

In Chandler Burr's The Perfect Scent, Parker revealed to the world that she loved the smell of body odor, strong sweet musk, and general all-around dirtiness. Fact. Since Coty didn't let Parker produce what she desired, she has since courted another perfume distributer which embraces her idea of a classic B.O. perfume.

But strangely, instead of creating some off-beat, avant-garde perfume like those of Commes des Garcons or CB I Hate Perfume, instead of going out on a limb to only appeal to a indie fan base, Parker is on a mission to create a B.O. perfume for the everywoman.

But how in the world is Parker going to accomplish this irreconcilable oxymoron: a B.O. scent that everyone loves?

While other celebrities' vacuous PR remarks about creating a perfume for the everyman (à la Eva Longoria or Justin Timberlake) are a little ridiculous, Parker's goal to make B.O. palatable to everyone is just a little extortionate. Sure, she can create a true B.O. perfume, something that's not palatable to everyone, something that's so avant-garde that it will develop a loyal, but microscopic fanbase. Or she can create something so generic that it won't strictly follow the B.O. theme and, true, everyone just might love it.

Or can it be possible? Can she actually successfully execute this oxymoronic goal? Can Parker actually make something so disgusting smell so appealing to everyone? Even Yves Saint Laurent wasn't able to appeal to everyone with their B.O. cologne, YSL Kouros. But, Parker is pretty much unstoppable—having babies without actually ever having to give birth and all. So who knows? She might just pull it off.

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      jack 7 years ago

      yes and she should call it horseface