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Sarongs get updated with contemporary fabrics and styling

Updated on January 26, 2012

Sarongs get updated with contemporary fabrics and styling

Gone are the days when a sarong looked like a rag tied into a knot. Swimwear designers have brought excitement to the 2012 collections through new fabrics and styling. This centuries old garment has gotten a make over!

One of the most anticipated sarong collections for 2012 is from Cocktail Pareos. Originating in Italy, these pareos use a special dye technique called Ombre. What is Ombre? It's where the fabric has blend of colors that gradually transition into one another. This technique makes these pareos extra special because they have the "feel" of being a solid but have a blend of colors that can coordinate to your swimsuit. It also makes them very versatile. The collection consists of color combinations in black/white, fuchsia/caramel, fuchsia/turquoise, navy/purple, and fuchsia/caramel.

A mesh sarong will be a must have for this upcoming summer in both long and short styles. Unlike other sarongs, mesh allows your swimsuit underneath to be a feature instead of hiding it. In addition, mesh fabric is comfortable, quick drying, and takes color beautifully. We'll see mesh sarongs in black, brown, navy, and white but fun bright colors like coral and hot pink will be important too.

La Palapa has given us season after season of great looking sarongs in print and solid. In addition to their collection of 10 solid color sarongs, for summer 2012 they have added a cheetah print in both black and brown. These print sarongs coordinate back to solid color swimsuits adding a touch of newness to an otherwise basic. The animal print trend has longevity making this fashion choice a good investment since it can be worn next season too. The built-in ties make this collection easy to wear and more modern; just wrap the sarong around your waist, tie it, and go.

Metallic accents will also be a popular fashion trend this upcoming swim season. Metallic accents will be seen in both gold and silver most often as an overlay on top of a print. An overlay adds a touch of sparkle without being over whelming. We will also see the trend in crochet sarongs where the metallic strands are sewn into the fabric. This will make for a very unique sarong that will definitely get attention!

This year's fashion brings unique styles, fabrics, and prints to a proven classic ....the sarong.


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