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Satin Blouse

Updated on March 16, 2011

Choosin a Satin Blouse for You

Looking for a way to dress up a pair of jeans? Sick and tired of the same old tops? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, than you may want to consider adding a satin blouse to your closet.

You can wear a satin blouse under a suit, with a skirt, with pants, or even with jeans. There is not much that this type of blouse cannot be worn with.

The blouse has been an integral part of woman's fashion, it seems since the beginning of time. They have never gone out of style and likely never will.

For those of you are not sure we will discussing what satin fabric is next. Most of us know satin is shiny but why it shines you may not know. You see satin is actually processed silk. Silk is shiny and this is passed down to the satin. Silk is made into satin by a very complex weave. Satin can then be used to make bedding, clothing and other items.

What To Wear With A Satin Blouse

The best thing about a satin blouse is that virtually anything can be worn with it. One thing you may want to consider however when wearing a satin blouse is to mix your fabrics up.

Same material tops and bottoms will likely be to much to pull off. This means you would not want wear bottoms that were made from satin with a satin blouse. A better choice would be a silk or denim skirt.

The prices of satin blouses will vary greatly. In fact a cheap satin blouse could be found for twenty dollars while something on the higher side could be found for hundreds of dollars. Price will vary from designers and also the quality of the satin the silk is made from.

You can shop for satin blouses online at sites like and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

Satin Blouse
Satin Blouse


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