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Satin and Lace Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

Satin and lace, lovely on their own, but when combined together they become one of the greatest couples in the history of lingerie. The Brangelina of lingerie, if you will, or perhaps the Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of lingerie, if you're more inclined to worship royalty over large lipped actors.

This article takes a look at some of the saucy satin and lace lingerie out there. I hope you will enjoy it and find inspiration for your own lingerie collections. All the lingerie in this set comes from Yandy, because Yandy knows how to take classic fabrics and make them look somehow incredibly modern and decadent.

How cute is this lace and satin bra and panty set from Yandy? One of my favorite types of lingerie are those where a luxurious fabric such as satin is used for the basic panties and bra, and then a contrasting lace is laid over the top. It makes the lace look absolutely gorgeous and the lingerie feels amazing against the skin. I've noticed this style of lingerie becoming increasingly popular, and it's a most excellent development

I See Red!

They've done it again with this very similar, red / black combination. It's honestly very difficult for me to pick a favorite out of these two, the only thing that would stop me getting either of them is the fact that sadly, we're looking at thong panties here, and there is enough suffering in the world without adding ass floss to the mix, I've always felt.

It is a pity though, because that cute little skirt like frill on the tops of the panties is absolutely lovely. I'm betting that more than one or two men and women have overcome their dislike of the thong simply to look pretty in that little lace flounce.

How About A Skirt?

This pink and black lace satin bra and skirt set could be the perfect entry point for a man who is curious about wearing more women's clothing, but still infinitely prefers lingerie. Although the skirt itself is little more than a belt, I love the way the designer has decided nevertheless to go ahead and add lace lined slits to the garment, as if one's movement might otherwise be encumbered by the sweet, shiny scrap of satin.

Be warned, the skirt is not made for modesty at all and will most likely barely cover your cheeks. I don't see this as being a huge issue for most men currently drooling over it, but I thought I would mention it none the less, how awful if one were to go trotting down the street in a tiny satin skirt and bra and not realize that one's butt was showing!


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    • profile image

      cheshirekatt40 8 years ago

      Thanks Hope. You have impeccably good taste.

    • profile image

      kfsteve391 8 years ago

      It took wearing a thong a few times to get used to them. Now I find them very comfortable. Most of my mine are thongs. I wear a thong at least 5 days a week. For those of you that are leery give them a try.