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Scarves fashion

Updated on July 5, 2010

The thing with scarves is that they are versatile the only challenge is when and how to wear them. Ideally this is mainly dependent on the fabric but regardless of what season it is, knowing what scarf to add to your outfit goes a long way giving you a chic look or totally tips the scales against you. On this note here are a few pointers I hope will some in handy…

  • Summer

Light scarves such as those made out of chiffon…very light almost see-through can go really well with maxi dresses that are a common signature during summer when you want to forgo a jacket or bolero(cropped jackets) to cover topside. Just throwing the scarf on you will transform you from being considered as “baring too much” to “wow!”

Professionally, those small scarves that barely go round the neck or those thin strips that almost look like a tie are a sure way of looking sophisticated will keeping cool especially when paired with a camisole during hot summer afternoon and you are out on your lunch break since you can do away with the suit jacket altogether.

  • Spring/Autumn

During the months in these season it sunny yet considerably windy therefore light scarves made out of linen or cotton are a sure fire way of keep the breeze out while not compromising on fashion.

The idea here is, we are ready to shed of the heavy coats or are bidding our time before the chill becomes unbearable either way wrapping it loose around your neck unruly over a t-shirt and jeans will keep you warm while giving you that ragged yet chic look.

  • Winter

Woolen scarves in this case are the ideal. Paired a funky hat is even better. However while they can be a challenge to combine checkered ones offer some variety since paired based on the different colors in the design gives you diversity. Burberry designer is a good place to start.

On issues color, matching the scarf to your outfit keep the gypsy in you at bay. The idea is to match complimenting colors with each other…reds with black, creams/nude with chocolate. Sometimes trying out different colors, could help create new color combinations that would appeal to you well…so get creative and see what you can come up with but keep in mind it’s a thin line…create with caution.


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