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Scented Lip Balm For Men

Updated on August 10, 2010

When it comes to balming their lips, men tend to be inexperienced. They tend to believe that the proper way to wear their lips is with rugged, flaking charm. But I say unto you, men, why put up with the cracking pain? Not to mention the little white bits that collect upon the delicate skin of your lips, detracting from what would otherwise be a quite kissable mouth. No men, lip balm is your friend.

Beware however that once you start using lip balm, it can be a hard to stop. Many a teenage girl who got hooked on lip balm eventually ended up huddled in the corner of her bedroom, chewing down entire tubs of the stuff. Don't let that happen to you. Use lip balm only when your lips actually feel dry, or when through elemental conditions or sickness, your face threatens to flake and fall off entirely.

Scented lip balm is usually reserved for the ladies, however there is no real reason why a man wouldn't enjoy having strawberry tasting lips as much as the carbon life form with two x chromosomes sitting next to him would. The risk one runs, of course, with scented lip balms is the original risk of becoming hooked by the taste and ending up devouring lip balm in the middle of the night by candle light whilst your significant other sleeps, unaware of the foul depravity taking place in their kitchen.

Some men fear lip-balm because they think it will make it look as if they are wearing lipstick, or as if they have shiny lips. It is possible to buy lip balm in little tubs rather than stick form (though stick form is more convenient and hygienic as it doesn't require you to mash your filthy little digits into it every time you want to get some much needed lip relief.

It is also possible to buy lip balm made specially for men, lip balm that affirms your testosterone enhanced existence and eradicates all chance of lip shine. Whether you want to buy specially made balm for men is purely a matter of personal choice. Though you might feel more comfortable with a dark tube of lip balm with tigers mauling dragons on it, it's essentially the same stuff that comes in the pretty scented products the ladies use.

Free yourselves men. And free your lips. No longer do you have to suffer, dry and unscented. Help is at hand!


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    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      8 years ago

      Some women like soft kisses, to me they tend to be sort of an irritant, but I'm weird like that. Having said that, firm kisses with soft lips rock :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I use on these daily too - with an spf factor to protect the lips. Wome really do prefer men who kiss softly, with soft lips. My current favorite is Chapstick Ultra, spf 3o-something with a nice citrus flavor, not girlish at all. But yes, a little shiny, which I kind of like.


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