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Scented candles of Frostbeard Studio is a guarantee of perfect mood for the whole day

Updated on March 1, 2016
Scented candles of Frostbeard Studio
Scented candles of Frostbeard Studio

Hello, everyone!) Do you like reading? I often sit till the late night, mesmerized with an interesting book, because literature occupies an extremely important position in my life. Can you imagine my delight when I found out that literature and scented candles could be successfully combined? That sounds really interesting and cute, doesn’t it? Today I will gladly tell you about unusual, original and really amazing scented candles of the Frostbeard Studion which literally saved my life after a rather long series of different stresses and problems!)

My friend was that person who told me about these cool candles. We just adore literature, both classic works and the latest novelties. She said that she had found something really special for me and she was absolutely sure that I would like it. As you have probably guessed, she wasn’t mistaken.))

At first sight, it seems that these candles are oriented to youngsters, maybe students. Even a funny emblem of a bearded man on a label suggested that it was really so. Not to mention, that the fragrances are also very original. It is very important that fragrances of Frostbeard Studion candles are picked up very logically. They are directly interrelated with a certain literary work. Due to this fact, one can fully immerse in atmosphere of his or her favorite book. You know, that is an unaccustomed way of naming candles, taking into account that they are usually have names of flowers such as Rose, Lavender etc. But here is a wonderful pallet of fragrant treasures! It is possible to find fragrant associations with famous literary works or immerse in atmosphere of an ancient library. I think that philologists would surely fall in love with these candles!) I am also fond of them and that’s why I want to share my impressions of some of the Frostbeard Studion candles with you.

Scented candles of Frostbeard Studio
Scented candles of Frostbeard Studio

An assortment of the Frostbeard Studio is quite wide and rich. I have already bought a candle Sexy Librarian. You know, it is hard to resist a temptation to buy a candle with such intriguing and even provocative name.)) Of course, I ordered it!) I even didn’t hesitate and a process of choosing didn’t take much time. Would you like to know what a type of a fragrance it has? Personally I feel a note of rosewood, despite the fact that a description given by the Frostbeard Studio says that it has musk. Probably musk is responsible for a note of sexuality, because we all know that it has an aphrodisiac effect. )To cut long story short, the scented candle Sexy Librarian is really extremely original and I would recommend it for creating romantic atmosphere. Unfortunately, I didn’t have such a reason, but I will definitely light it during the date next time.)

This is a relatively young company, that’s why it is so progressive. Except scented candles, the company offers its customers scented wax, t-shirts and candle sets. They are all dedicated to different themes, so one can easily find what he or she likes.

As I have already said, these candles really helped me to improve my mood and raise my spirit. Study takes all my time and my achievements are far from being perfect. Above all else, my boyfriend and I quarrel all the time, even without a reason. So scented candles of the Frostbeard Studio gave me a chance to distract from the entire world and enjoy my time. Oh, I have forgot to mention that I ordered one more scented candle of the Frostbeard Studio and that is what you are going to find out in the next article. I hope that I will enlarge my collection with other bookish candles in the nearest future. What is your way of coping with stresses? Do you also use scented candles in order to relax? Please, tell me!)


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