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Scholl Orthaheel Sandals For Men

Updated on March 8, 2012
Super Scholl sandals for summer
Super Scholl sandals for summer

Scholl Orthaheel sandals are the perfect summer footwear to give support to the feet for a whole summer of comfort, correcting problematic pronating feet and giving excellent support to the foot arches. Designed with the help of renowned Australian podiatrist Philip Vasyli, the Orthaheel sandal range for men is biomechanically engineered to correct the posture and keep the bones of the feet perfectly aligned. Whilst Orthaheel is designed specifically to help sufferers of foot, joint and muscle pain, the footwear range is far from just a medicinal shoe, and is highly comfortable for all to wear. The range has been expanded for 2010 with many new models, materials and styles, including mules, slides, toe posts and even a rugged off-road sandal. Corrective footwear has never looked so cool!

Located in the midsole of the sandals is the Orthaheel technology which offers the same level of support as the insole and insert range, allowing posture correction to continue throughout the summer. Inserts and insoles require a more supportive shoe to keep them in place, so Scholl have built the technology into the midsoles of their sandals to give the same level of support and comfort for the warmer months. The sandals also double up as a great supportive slipper for the year round wear too.

In the UK, there are 5 Orthaheel sandals for men to choose from as detailed below:

Orthaheel Rialto slide sandal for men
Orthaheel Rialto slide sandal for men

The Orthaheel Rialto

New in for this 2010, the Orthaheel Rialto is a classic men’s mule sandal with a wide adjustable hook and look closure strap for quick and easy adjustment. The sandal cushions the step to reduce shockwaves, easing the stress on the joints of the feet, legs and lower back. The sandals are great for tired and aching feet, and give excellent arch support whilst keeping the bones of the feet perfectly aligned. The sandals are great for relieving pain from plantar fasciitis, and a host of joint conditions. The synthetic fabric upper features a mesh design to keep the feet cool and the air flowing, and a deep textured heel cup for stability and to prevent the slide from sliding!

The Orthaheel Sports Slide sandal
The Orthaheel Sports Slide sandal

The Classic Orthaheel Sports Sandal

One of the most popular choices from the Orthaheel sandal range, the Sports Sandal features a waterproof construction, ideal for wearing to the beach or around the pool whilst also doubling up as a great supportive slipper for around the house, perfect for dealing with wet bathroom floors when you get out of the shower. Under the foot, hidden away inside the midsole is the Orthaheel EVA support which reduces joint stress and helps to relieve the pain from over pronating feet. The adjustable hook and loop closure strap is lined with foam for a comfortable fit, and under the foot traction is provided by a non-slip wave patterned sole. The sandals are great all round summer shoes which invigorate the feet and feature the same technology as the shoe inserts with a 4º rear support post to keep the bones of the feet perfectly aligned.  The sandals are sold in black or tan.

The Orthaheel Wave sandal
The Orthaheel Wave sandal

The Orthaheel Wave Toepost Sandal

The Orthaheel Wave is a classic casual summer sandal, named after the wave pattern in the TPR outsole which increases traction. The midsole features the famed Orthaheel support system which helps to correct flat feet and provides excellent support and comfort. The shoes correct over pronation of the feet which can lead to joint pain in the ankles, legs and lower back and are universally praised in customer reviews for the comfort they offer. The uppers are fabric with a comfortable soft woven toe post to prevent abrasion and feature a non-slip sole, both inside and out! The insole has a deep heel cup for protection and stability, with a raised edge to prevent grit from getting under your feet.

Whilst available in three colours, for the men the black and Khaki options offer a more masculine style; however feel free to go for light blue if it matches your shorts! 

The Orthaheel Bondi
The Orthaheel Bondi

The Orthaheel Bondi (Kinetic in the US)

The Bondi is a smart new addition for 2010, perfect for casual wear, the beach, and for pottering around town in the summer heat. The Bondi helps to eliminate aches and pains caused by pronation of the feet by offering excellent underfoot arch support, a deep heel cup to stabilise the foot, and a tri-planar motion control system to keep the bones of the feet perfectly aligned. The shoes are highly comfortable, with a synthetic suede lining and a bubble insole to preventing slippage. The Bondi has a contoured footbed and the low profile style helps keep grit and dirt from getting under the feet and causing irritation. The toe post is made from soft woven fabric for a comfortable fit between the toes and straight out of the box comfort. The Orthaheel Bondi is available in tan, and provides a smarter option for summer than the Orthaheel Wave.

Serious off road action with the Orthaheel Trek
Serious off road action with the Orthaheel Trek

The Orthaheel Trek

For taking the a more unorthodox route and heading off-road, the Orthaheel Trek provides orthopaedic support courtesy of an orthotic midsole in a slim-line, lightweight but rugged style.  The sandals feature a tri-planar motion control footbed with contoured arch support to reduce movement when tackling uneven ground.  Two hook and loop closure straps make for easy adjustment and provide a secure and comfortable fit. A heel strap helps to keep the sandals on the feet when the gradient gets steeper or for quick adjustment before a potentially tricky descent.

A deep heel cup keeps the feet low in the sandal for stability and extra protection, with a TPR outsole for robustness and traction. The uppers are constructed from polyurethane with a neoprene lining for extra comfort. The off-road sandals reduce the shockwaves from walking, cushion the joints of the ankles, knees, hips and lower back and correct moderate to severe over pronation of the feet.  The sandals run a size larger than standard shoes, so remember to order a size less than you would normally take.

Where to buy Orthaheel sandals

All of the men’s sandals are available to purchase direct from Scholl Footwear

To buy in the USA, the best bet is Amazon, with great prices, quick and easy delivery and a hassle free return service.


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