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Scholl Orthaheel Sandals for Women

Updated on November 29, 2013
Scholl Orthaheel Sandals for Women
Scholl Orthaheel Sandals for Women

Scholl Orthaheel sandals for women are a great addition to your summer wardrobe, which will help keep you in perfect comfort throughout the summer months. Orthaheel sandals double up as great orthopaedic slippers which can be worn around the house throughout the year. They correct overpronation of the feet, a condition which affects up to 70% of people.

Orthaheel technology was developed as a cheap over the counter alternative to expensive custom orthotic inserts. Orthaheel technology is incorporated into the midsoles and insoles of all Orthaheel sandals. They allow treatment of overpronating feet to continue throughout the summer months, and correct plantar fasciitis, collapsed arches, and help to keep the bones of the feet perfectly aligned to prevent bunions and other foot complaints from developing.

Orthaheel Insoles and inserts need to have the support of an enclosed shoe to hold them in place, so if you usually wear orthopaedic shoes or orthotic insoles, these sandals are a great choice to keep you in comfort and give you the support you need when it gets too hot for shoes. All of the range are comfortable to wear, and there are many styles and colours to help match with whatever you are wearing.

The Orthaheel wave sandal
The Orthaheel wave sandal

The Orthaheel Wave Toepost

The Orthaheel Wave Toepost Sandal is a classic design offering excellent traction courtesy of the TPR outsole, with a wave patterned tread for great grip in the wet or dry.

Constructed with a fabric upper and a toepost flip-flop style they offer great comfort and help to correct overpronation of the feet and relieve the resultant pain.

The sandals have low profile design which allows the feet to sit low in the sandals, offering great stability and the raised edge helps to give an extra degree of protection for the feet, whilst preventing dirt from getting under the foot and causing irritation.

These are one of the most popular models for both men and women. The light blue model offers a more feminine colour, although they are also sold in black and khaki.

The Orthaheel Miami
The Orthaheel Miami

Orthaheel Miami toepost

The Miami toepost sandal is a new addition this year, which offers the comfort and lightweight design of a toepost flip-flop, with the extra security of an instep strap. They are stylish, fashionable and look great on the feet.  The uppers are synthetic leather which look stylish, and are lined with soft fabric to ensure comfort with no abrasions, and the slim shiny toepost is really comfortable between the toes. They help to correct fallen arches and over pronation, and are sold in black red or tan, although the tan model is pretty horrible, the red and black models are stylish and fashionable.

Orthaheel Sonoma
Orthaheel Sonoma

Orthaheel sonoma toepost (Tide in the US)

The Orthaheel Sonoma is a waterproof single strap thong sandal offering the benefits of a flip-flop, with the support and posture correction of an orthotic shoe. Perfect for summer comfort, the sandals feature a thin fabric toepost for comfort straight out of the box, and a highly supportive and comfortable midsole. The insole features raised bubbles to help stimulate the feet and stop the feet slipping, relieving tired feet and offering excellent shock absorption.

The synthetic uppers are soft and comfortable on the top of the foot to prevent the abrasions which often go hand in hand with wearing flip-flops all day. You won’t find a more comfortable sandal than the sonoma. They are sold in black with a pink lining, beige with a green lining and red and beige. It’s a classic style which looks great and goes with everything.

Orthaheel Moraga
Orthaheel Moraga

Orthaheel Moraga (Solana in the US)

The Orthaheel Moraga is a super lightweight strappy sandal which is both secure and incredibly comfortable to wear.

The toepost is fabric and sits between the toes without causing abrasions and the low profile design feels really secure and supportive underfoot. They are one of the new models and a welcome addition to the range, bringing slim-line style and great.

The asymmetrical straps keep the shoes firmly on the feet to avoid the flip-flopping noise when walking. The Orthaheel midsole helps to ease joint pain, relieves plantar fasciitis pain, and corrects overpronating feet. Healthy, supportive shoes have never been so cool! Fashionable floral printed soles are the trademark of this range, and they are available in aqua blue, black cream and red.

Orthaheel Sports Sandal
Orthaheel Sports Sandal

The Classic Orthaheel Sports (Kiwi Slide in the US)

The Classic Orthaheel Sports sandal is a unisex model designed as the perfect partner for sports.

The waterproof construction sees it as a great model to wear to the beach, great for around the pool and also a great alternative to a slipper for around the house.

The sandal features a wave pattered outsole to give excellent grip in the wet, perfect for when you get out of the shower, for the health club and for general leisure wear.

The sandals feature a 4 degree rear support to keep the feet perfectly aligned, and naturally offer the full benefits of Orthaheel technology. The sandals are available in black or tan models.

Orthaheel Noosa Sandal
Orthaheel Noosa Sandal

Orthaheel Noosa

The Orthaheel Noosa is a more rugged sandal, taking its styling from outdoor adventure sandals, designed to give greater support and protection than the toepost or slip on models. They are ideal walking sandals for the summer, and if you plan to venture off road, they are one of the best styles in the range. They feature a lateral side bar to protect the outside of the foot with an instep and forefoot hook and loop closure strap to keep them snug on the feet, and a rear heel strap for extra security.  With three points for adjustment, they are one of the best fitting sandals within the range. The sandals help to relieve tired feet and legs, correct pronation of the feet, and are very comfortable to wear. They are available in black, Olive, Red and natural brown. 

Orthaheel Women's Adjust sandal
Orthaheel Women's Adjust sandal

Orthaheel Women’s Adjust

The Orthaheel Womens’s Adjust sandal offers the protection of the Noosa model with more feminine and attractive styling. They offer an EVA rubber outsole for grip, and hook and loop closure straps to ensure a good fit. They have a deep heel cup to keep the foot low in the sandal for good stability. They offer great shock absorption to ease pressure on the joints, and an Orthaheel midsole ensures that the bones of the feet are kept properly aligned. The sandals are lightweight and the waterproof design makes them perfect for the beach and for casual wear. They feature the Orthaheel tri-planar motion control design which stops the feet sliding in the sandals, and offer great support to the arches of the feet. For daylong comfort the sandals feature a neoprene elastic lining. The Women’s Adjust sandal has synthetic leather uppers and is available in classic black or shiny pewter.


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    • theherbivorehippi profile image

      theherbivorehippi 7 years ago from Holly, MI

      Oh these look sooooo comfy! I need a new pair of quality flip flops and it is so hard to find comfortable and cute ones that are not made of leather or plastic. These look ideal!

    • profile image

      A Wilson 5 years ago

      I simple love orthaheels! Absolutely could not do without them!! There the only shoe I wear!!

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