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Scholl sandals - The original exercise sandal with a wooden sole

Updated on November 29, 2013
Thee Original toning sandal from Doctor Scholl
Thee Original toning sandal from Doctor Scholl

The Original Exercise Sandal

Whilst the current trend in toning shoes has seen new brands take up the mantle and offer the opportunity to tone and firm up the body like never before, its not as recent a phenomenon as you might think.

Whilst it is true that the FitFlop sandal did really kick start the trend of getting more from walking in 2007 it was not, strictly speaking, the first toning sandal by some distance.

The first exercise sandal which could give you 30% more bang for your buck actually started its life back in 1959.

How is this possible I hear you cry? Where was the Microwobbleboard™? Or the Kinetic Wedge? They didn't even have the rocker sole back then and certainly no bendy stretchy technology!

I hear your skepticism, but the truth is that Scholl got there first. Or Doctor Scholl if you want to be precise, or are an American. If you are a precise American pay particular attention.

Dr. Scholl, the party people
Dr. Scholl, the party people

Scholl........, Dr.who?

If you haven’t heard of Scholl, then ask your grandparents which footwear company looks after the feet more than any other. There is only one name that they'll come up with and that is Scholl.

Whatever ailment you have affecting your feet you can be pretty sure that Scholl have a treatment to help sort it out. Corns, calluses, verrucas, athletes foot...they have a full range of products to cure all foot ills. Scholl has also put its considerable foot know-how into a wide range of shoes which offer perfect support for the arches, underfoot cushioning and great comfort. They even offer a sandal which moisturises your feet whilst you walk, theScholl Hydrastep!

They have dedicated over 100 years to providing the best care for your feet, and they know you often have far more important things on your mind than foot care.

Scholl Original Exercise Sandal

The Scholl Original Exercise sandal has come a long way since 1959
The Scholl Original Exercise sandal has come a long way since 1959

But Scholl make boring orthopaedic footwear right?

That may have been true in 1958 but things have moved on considerably since then. The range of styles and colours has developed considerably in 50 years and Scholl now offer a wide selection of modern designs and patterned uppers with their Pescura Heel exercise sandal retaining the the classic style which has kept women firm and in comfort for over 50 years. If you have not looked into Scholl footwear before, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what they now offer

Toning with more of a classic style.
Toning with more of a classic style.

Scholl – They’ve got wood for your feet!

Yeah, they love ‘em alright, in fact they have loved your feet since 1904 when the original doctor (Dr. William Matthias, not John Hartnell) started up the brand. Since then they have had an almost unhealthy affair with feet, but all the better for us.

Their long standing foot love has inevitably led to serious wood. Their Pescura heel exercise mules offers 30% extra burn courtesy of biomechanically engineered beech wood soles. Studies performed at the Institute of Biomechanics in Valencia, Spain have confirmed the toning properties of these stylish toning shoes.

The Scholl Pescura Heel - Toning and firming since 1959
The Scholl Pescura Heel - Toning and firming since 1959

The Pescura Heel from Amazon

Toning shoes with a heel?

Scholl high heeled mule toning shoes
Scholl high heeled mule toning shoes
Toning shoes need not look like trainers.
Toning shoes need not look like trainers.

The original Pescura Heel – toning bums and legs since 1959

Naturally 50 years has seen major advances in technology, however the Scholl Pescura Heel has changed little over the years. There has been no need for any major changes as the original design is as good today as it was back in in 1959. However a few minor tweaks, a new range of designs, great new colors, and new modern prints and the sandals are good to go for another half century.

The Pescura Heel footbed is biomechanically engineered to offer a comfort fit and provide the legendary Scholl support for your feet. The shoes help to create a natural rolling movement of the of the foot when walking and it is the rolling motion which provides the extra burn to the muscles.

By switching to Scholl Exercise shoes you can stimulate the muscles of the feet and legs up to 30% more than when wearing standard shoes.

Naturally the comfort of your feet and the size of your bottom should never be at the expense of the environment, and coming from renewable forests you can rest assured that the wood under your feet is fully sustainable.

The Pescura Heel features a 25mm heel (1 inch) with a suede lining for comfort or with a smooth beechwood finish. They have a narrow and standard fit and run from size 3 through to 8. In the UK they sell for £40, and US residents can pick up a great pair of Scholl Pescura Heels on Amazon from around $35 to $70 (Click on right banner to choose from over 25 colors)

If you love Birkenstock comfort, style, and quality but want to tone up at the same time then the Pescura Heel is the answer.

The Scholl Pescura Heel is also known as Scholls exercise sandal in the United States


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    • michifus profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      They have been eclipsed by the sheer marketing might of the big trainer companies, but they are still going strong!

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 

      9 years ago from East Coast, United States

      I didn't even know they still made those Dr. Scholl sandals. Used to wear them in my youth but have not seen them. Guess that's because I don't go to the mall.


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