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Scottish Cashmere Clothing

Updated on April 24, 2012
Scottish Cashmere Clothing
Scottish Cashmere Clothing | Source

Scottish cashmere clothing is popular for its high quality handcrafting and style. Though people may think of the classic coat or sweater when asked about cashmere, numerous clothing types are made from cashmere. People can purchase Scottish cashmere clothing for the whole family.

Cashmere clothing is made from a very specific fur. The fur on the belly of a Kashmir goat is the type of fur used to manufacture cashmere clothes. Fur from the throat area and back of the legs also may be used. This breed of goat commonly is raised in cold climates such as Mongolia. In the winter, the goats grow a soft undercoat. This is the fur that is used to make cashmere fabric.

With the luxurious cashmere fabric and attention to detail with hand knitting, Scotland has become famous for the best sweaters in the world. The skilled craftsmen who make the sweaters are a valuable resource in Scotland. Some fabric mills install equipment in the homes of qualified craftsmen to allow them to work from home. In those cases, the fabric pieces of a garment may be delivered so that the craftsmen can merge the pieces into the finished garments.

Some say that the water of Scotland is ideal for making cashmere clothing. The water has an effect on the fibers as they are being turned into the cashmere fabric. The fibers become soft and receptive to the milling process. The finished cashmere is considered by many to be the finest in the world.

The Scottish cashmere is used to make clothing for the whole family. Men's coats are especially popular, but women's dresses and children's clothing are other common purchases. The warmth of cashmere makes it ideal for outerwear, scarves, sweaters, and socks. Cashmere clothing may be worn for everyday, though some people have pieces that they use specifically as business attire or casual wear depending on the style of the clothes.

Storing cashmere clothing in cedar drawers can help mask the wool scent from moths. Some people use lavender or potpourri sachets or cedar balls in the drawers where cashmere clothing is stored. Moth balls used to be a popular choice for deterring moths from damaging wool clothing, but mothballs release toxins and the strong odor is aversive. Mothballs can be harmful to pets.

The careful storage of the clothing helps the clothes to maintain their condition. Washing cashmere also requires some special care. The manufacturer's directions should be followed. Many people choose to hand wash cashmere clothing and dry on a flat rack.

For people living in or visiting Scotland, there are many retailers that sell Scottish cashmere clothes. If people who are outside of Scotland do not have easy access to a retailer that sells Scottish cashmere clothing, people can find these exceptional clothes on the websites of internet merchants who sell fine clothing.


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