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Seasonal Tips for Makeup

Updated on March 12, 2015

What you need to know

When it comes to makeup application, its very easy to just use your standard look all year round. This may work for you but a great way to re-vitalise your look is to match your styles and looks based on what season it is. Just like certain fresh produce is better in certain seasons, certain makeup products will better enhance your look in the different times of the year.

You can match the certain seasons together, for instance, Summer styles will often look good with Spring and the same for Winter and Autumn. However you can go deeper as each unique season have very unique traits, styles and colours associated with them. The Australian climates enable for vast opportunities for makeup due to its diverse climates.

There are manytechnical guides on the web that go into specifics in terms of makeup brands and accessories. This guide however, will go over the core elements.


Spring Styles

Spring is the season of new life. Which means your styles should be new, vibrant and very warm. Great ways to boost your look is to use lighter shades of colours. These light shades will give off a very natural look, a look of authenticity.

Spring allows for light colours to blend in with the environment. Everything is coming to life in Spring, which means by using subtle light colours you can have the surrounding environment create value to your look, rather than making you stand out.

Your eyes provide an excellent example of how makeup can enhance your look in spring. For example having large eyes or wide set eyes means a light shade will greatly enhance your look by letting the natural elements build to you features.

Purple is a great colour to experiment with in Spring as the different shades of purple often resemble the life and floral beauty that comes with the season.


Summer Vibes

The heat of Australia's Summer will require you to apply your makeup in a way that allows your skin to breathe. Adapting to the heat is a vital factor as you want to maintain your style against the effects of the heat and sun.

There are ways to lighten up your look and combat the heat during Summer:

  • Using tinted moisturisers and BB creams are a great alternative to heavy foundations.
  • Use concealer sparingly - Only in areas that need a heavier coverage.
  • Use primers to keep makeup in place when perspiration is an issue. Primers will help form a barrier between the skin and the foundation which result will help foundation stay put.
  • Use a translucent powder on desired areas to reduce shininess if that is an issue for you.

After seeing ways to prevent style errors in Summer, it is important to also know style tips to enhance your look. Using a bronzer will help highlight features of your face during the Summer. The extra warmth added will make your make look naturally Summer-like which means the conditions of Summer add to your look rather than detriment it.

By using different makeup styles and techniques you can replicate the tanned appeal of Summer without having to put your skin in harm by soaking it in the sun.

Some great colours for Summer include corals and bright pinks. These colours allow the sun and environment to enhance your style and features.


The Autumn Look

The cooler months means there are different sets of criteria for your makeup. With Autumn comes a cool breeze which is extremely effective at drying your skin out! You need to ensure you combat dry skin and also use certain features that will make your style stand out.

Protecting you skins from dryness can be done by regular moisturising and also using nourishing products. These will not only moisturise your skin, but they will also protect it.

The colour pallets of these months allow your to be very bold in your choices of makeup. Based on your level of comfort you can adjust your makeup to either be very powerful or just give subtle hints to your features.

The environment of Autumn allows your colour decision to stand out to the natural process of nature. The colours in which natural creates allows you to be bold and have colours that create a deep mood. Some colours may include charcoals, chocolates, deep-blues and dark-reds.


The Winter Appeal

Winter holds similar traits to Autumn. The dry weather is almost identical which means all of the previously mentioned techniques are still used.

The main difference is the colour pallets in which you would use. Winter allows you to use very cool climate colours which will help create the desired features.

Both dark and light colours are common for Winter as they both can create the appropriate features. Creating depth is a popular feature for Winter as feature of depth are often associated with coolness. Having clear cool pallets will enable the environment to add to your features will will in result improve you makeup style.

Seasonality Preference

What is your favourite season in terms of makeup style

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      3 years ago

      Wow didn't realise how much effort goes into makeup! Will make me think twice when I see her applying all these unique styles


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