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Seersucker Shirts For Summer

Updated on March 12, 2011

Seersucker Shirts are a Cool Option

You may be asking just why exactly seersucker shirts are a cool option? Because seersucker fabric is very lightweight, very comfortable, and very good at keeping your body temperature down during the hot, summer months. The puckered, loose fabric used in making seersucker clothing ensures that your excess body heat is kept away from your body, instead of right next to the skin as with some other non-breathable fabrics out there.

Seersucker has long been popular for its heat dissipating and air circulating abilities. If you go shopping at your favorite department stores, you will see just how often seersucker fabric is used for summer clothing because of these cooling properties. Luckily now, you do not just find this favorite fabric in a dress or infant/toddler's clothing. It used to be very popular only for women or children's clothing, but now clothing manufacturers have widened the styles of seersucker into more common pieces of clothing. There is seersucker clothing for everyone.

Seersucker shirts are not just for women and children. There are plenty of seersucker shirts that men can wear as well. While they are definitely not always as easy to find as a seersucker dress or seersucker baby clothing, you can find seersucker shirts for men online. Even for women, online will provide you with the best selection of colors, styles, and design.

Buying A Seersucker Shirt

If you're unsure what seersucker is, look for a fabric that is slightly puckered throughout and feels rather thin to the touch. The cloth looks almost wrinkled, which means that ironing is completely unnecessary, which is another reason for its ever-growing popularity. Imagine having cool, lightweight seersucker shirts that you never will need to iron available from or eBay.

seersucker shirt
seersucker shirt

Seersucker Shirts

Seersucker shirts are made for both men and women. Short sleeve seersucker shirts are more popular but they can also be found in long sleeve versions. They can come in many colors including blue, grey, stripes, plaids, but the most popular is the white seersucker shirt.


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