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Seiko Arctura Kinetic Men's and Ladies' Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Seiko Arctura: Origins

Seiko Arctura at its heart is a casual collection framed by a speed-inspired design. According to Seiko, Arctura derives its name from the word “arc.” Arcs are a common appearance in nature and represent a unique symbiosis between various natural powers and elements: wind, water, stone, and sand.

Arctura watches echo this collaboration by the round and arcuate designs. In fact, these two style features dominate the entire collection and impart it a sense of eco awareness. Seiko Arctura watches are made of stainless steel and incorporate, occasionally, other materials (such as rubber). The principle aerodynamic design necessitates the use of fitting bracelets; the transition from the case to the bracelet is seamless and streamlined.


Arctura offers strictly black and white dials, while some hands can put on a distinctive blue coating, to improve visibility (which also adds a visual aesthetic quality). The blade-shaped or pyramid-shaped main hands support the overall aerodynamic design.

There are several additional characteristics that distinguish Seiko Arctura. First, its dials exhibit high clarity of visual arrangement – which helps uncomplicated time reading. Second, it inserts circles and arches to repeat the natural arc motif.

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Seiko ArcturaSeiko Arctura WhiteSeiko Arctura ChronographSeiko Arctura LadiesSeiko Arctura Analog
Seiko Arctura
Seiko Arctura
Seiko Arctura White
Seiko Arctura White
Seiko Arctura Chronograph
Seiko Arctura Chronograph
Seiko Arctura Ladies
Seiko Arctura Ladies
Seiko Arctura Analog
Seiko Arctura Analog


Third, the indices resemble arrow heads and “confront” the hands – which creates interesting tension. Finally, it reduces the number of links in the bracelets in order to diminish friction with air, and produce a streamlined, effective look.


Arctura Ladies watches insert diamonds instead of the sharp indices, and set, in some models, stones on the bezels.


Kinetic Movement

Seiko Arctura watches encase various kinetic movements. All kinetic calibers rely on the motion of the wearer's hand to generate and accumulate energy that can be used to propel the entire mechanism. Arctura is distinct in its wide variety of kinetic movements: chronograph, perpetual calendar, retrograde day, GMT, and auto relay.

Arctura Chronographs

Arctura Chronographs deviate from the general casual aesthetic and demonstrate some hard sports qualities. The main dial is being used for the chronograph function, while regular time keeping has been relegated to six o'clock. The push buttons were seamlessly incorporated into the case, in order to keep the aerodynamic look intact.


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    • Elijah S profile image

      Elijah S 8 years ago from Europe

      Thanks, I love the arctura design too. it flows.

    • kappa022 profile image

      kappa022 8 years ago from Florida

      Absolutely gorgeous watch, well written hub. Nice work.