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Seiko Clocks Review: Emblem, Melodies, Décor, Mantel, Alarm

Updated on January 15, 2015

Seiko Clocks: Portable Technology

Seiko Clocks is a branch of Seiko that offers a variety of stationary time keepers. It's a very diverse branch, both technologically and stylistically.

Seiko clocks include a range of movements, complications and features – chime and pendulum to mention just two – and can be hung on a wall as well as placed on a desk. Some of the more elaborate models can play several classical melodies (there's a volume control) and sport Swarowsky crystals – essentially becoming items of décor that can influence the character of the room. While most clocks display analog time in a classic fashion, they can be set electronically, and work on batteries, which makes them portable and easy to use.


Seiko Clocks have a dedicated website, where eight collections are discussed in depth. Let's have a look at these collections.

Emblem offers classically designed clocks that combine restrained visual appearance with basic chiming features. Available in wall, pendulum and stationary models.

Melodies in Motion clocks focus on playful, fairy-tales inspired visual motifs, play several hi-fi melodies, and employ LED lights to make the show truly magical. Designed for kids.

Décor presents a series of fashionably elegant clocks reminiscent of classical designs. Art Deco fluent lines combined with transparency.

Mantel consists of massive and impressive clocks that incorporate considerable amounts of wood and glass, effectively becoming part of the furniture. Chime, pendulum, and complicated (world time) variations are available.

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Desk/Table collection offers a set of ancient Greek and Renaissance inspired clocks in various shapes. Basic function bundle plus world time in one model.

Alarm Seiko clocks depart from the culturally infused designs and moves forward to modern simplicity and minimalism. Arabic numerals, alarm and basic round and rectangular shape make up the fundamentals of this collection.

Wall clocks is more of a unifying feature than a collection – the range of designs is one of the broadest Seiko provide, from almost bare circles to the most elaborate cabinet-clocks that integrate with surrounding furnishings.

Technology clocks: digital and technologically advanced collection, it includes a calendar, a snooze, a beeping alarm and a line of streamlined modern designs.


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