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Seiko Coutura Kinetic, Perpetual Men's, Ladies' Watches Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Seiko Coutura: The Power of Contrasts

Seiko Coutura marries fashion with function – a union that makes it one the most interesting Seiko collections. Available with such utilities as perpetual date (kinetic) and alarm chronograph, and equipped with various mechanisms, Coutura offers angular, expressive designs that use a lot of color (usually black and gray, complemented by silver and gold shades) and derive their power from resulting contrasts.


Seiko Coutura employs advanced kinetic and well established quartz movements. The former includes kinetic perpetual – a perpetual calendar movement propelled by the movements of the body, according to the principle of all kinetic calibers. Kinetic perpetual puts forward a worthy technological rival to the mechanical complication of perpetual calendar.


Seiko Coutura aims to shock and impress. The cases are massive, even aggressive in appearance. Elaborate, spearheaded arrows in golden or silver tones cut through the dials and complement the concept of sharpness and contrast.

The bracelets continue the flow from the octagonal or otherwise angular bezels, both in color and as a natural progression of form. Basic models without any additional function can be more quiet – though even these variations show character – while the chronographs, which put on a few subdials as if they were jewelry rings, lead with forceful temperament.

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Men's and Ladies


Seiko Coutura is rare in that it includes diamonds models in both men's and women's lines. Coutura men's offers two basic diamond variations: stones set on the dial, in place of the indexes, and stones encrusted on the bezel. Diamonds add a touch of polish and refinement to the high level of visibility of Coutura men's.


Coutura women's take a different approach – diamonds become a major design element in the ladies line. The stones cover some of the ribs in the octagonal designs (as if to remind of the woman's biblical origin) and interact as bands or ornament with the dials and their Arabic-numerals-and- torch/spearheaded-hands composition. Some dials contain mother-of-pearl. Interestingly, diamonds in Coutura ladies help to keep the edge – in a parallel to Coutura men's without the stones.


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