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Seiko Premier Kinetic and Automatic Watches Review

Updated on January 5, 2015

Seiko Premier

Seiko Premier sheds most sports elements and steps into casual and dress category. Instead of the function oriented indices of the Sportura or Velatura, you will discover dignified Roman numerals; instead of the thick, bulky hands of the Velatura, you will find elongated, elegant swords.

The subdials have been accurately distributed around the dials, in order to create a sense of harmony, balance, and dignity. In a way, Seiko Premier compensates for all the aggressiveness and adrenaline used up in the other collections, and shows Seiko's calmer and more deliberate side.


One particular Seiko Premier model epitomizes the concept behind the collection: the dial shows a thin grid of squares, white lines on black surface. This grid forms the platform with which the rest of the elements – the hands, the numerals, the subdials, the indices – interact.

All combined, they present a poised arrangement that holds together in an effortless yet eye-catching composition. This collection is closest in its spirit to the classic Seiko 5 design.

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Seiko Premier Perpetual CalendarSeiko Premier StrapSeiko Premier Stainless SteelSeiko Premier Two ToneSeiko Premier Diamonds
Seiko Premier Perpetual Calendar
Seiko Premier Perpetual Calendar
Seiko Premier Strap
Seiko Premier Strap
Seiko Premier Stainless Steel
Seiko Premier Stainless Steel
Seiko Premier Two Tone
Seiko Premier Two Tone
Seiko Premier Diamonds
Seiko Premier Diamonds


Seiko Premier includes several functions: kinetic perpetual calendar, kinetic chronograph, alarm chronograph, and power reserve indicator. Depending on functionality, the main hour and minutes hands can be moved lower off the center – to leave more space for the chronograph, for instance.

Seiko Premier designates the functions as secondary enhancements that compliment the watch as a whole – a time keeping piece that has style and character.


While some Seiko Premier Men's watches exhibit fashion traits like two-tone stainless steel and some color on the dials, gents line tends to keep things formal.


Ladies' line, however, goes for a more entertaining aesthetic: expressed, whimsical two-tone designs, accompanied by diamonds of various shapes, and mother-of-pearl on some parts of the dials.

Some Seiko Premier ladies avoid clustering the faces and manifest clear fashionable attitudes. Both men's and ladies' lines employ straps and bracelets, the latter linked by bricks of metal in varying (elaborate) sequences.


The majority of Seiko Premier watches feature trademark kinetic calibers (regular, chronograph and perpetual). Several models employ the classic Automatic movement, alluding directly to the popular Seiko 5 series.


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