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Seiko SKX007

Updated on July 31, 2011

Seiko SKX007 Watches

Seiko is a well known brand when it comes to watches and when deciding to buy a watch you do want to do some research as it will be worth spending some time on. Some reasons to love Seiko brand is because its

  • Affordable

  • Durable

  • Reliable

This particular model ,the Seiko SKX007 is an automatic Divers Watch. The design is very clean cut and professional looking. The SKX007 comprises of the SKX007J1 , SKX007K, SKX007K2.

Seiko SKX007 Review

The SKX Series is Distinctive of the brand Seiko due to the pointy oversized hands that truly come to life when viewed in darkness as it glows in the dark. The luminescence is a special feature of this and it can be luminescent for hours.

The Black Dial Colour with the Stainless Steel Case Material makes up for the exquisite appearance of this model.

With the Classic analog style this also includes calender in the format Day and Month.

The Bezel Material is again of Stainless Steel and this not only adds to the beauty of this watch but also to the functionality of it has enhances grip which makes it easier to grab even if your hands are wet.

This series has japanese automatic movement has no battery is powered by the movement of your arm and since it is a diver watch it is obviously water resistant and can work flawlessly in depths up to 660 feet (200 M).

One thing that makes it a pre fable choice is its affordability and along with this the fact that it is designed for rugged use yet it is classy in looks and to top it off is its durability you can go years and years without maintenance for this watch ,it ll last you a long time.

Whether you are wearing a wetsuit or a formal three piece suit this watch has the elegance and design to look stunning either way.


Is Seiko SKX007 For You???

Is Seiko SKX007 the most suited watch for you? It you are looking for pure luxury watches which are rare and obviously would cost you alot more as well then this is not for you.

On the other Hand if you are looking for a Classic, affordable watch which you can wear day in and day out without any worries and you have an eye for diver watches. This is an excellent deal for you.

From the Seiko Diver Watches Personal Recommendation would be the SKX007K, considering the cost and all black design which makes it a favourite and also it has a high customer rating of 4.5/5.


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