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Selecting Your Clothes

Updated on February 6, 2010


Clean and Neat Clothes

The choice of your clothes and how you care for them have much to do with your appearance. You should select your clothes carefully and wear them appropriately. Likewise, your clothes should also be clean and sweet smelling and be free from all odors. Wear clean underwears each day. Wear also clothes that are free from spots or stains, well-pressed and crumple-free.

Your clothes should give an overall impression of neatness and cleanliness. This depends largely on how much care you give them. With clean, neat and properly selected clothes, you will feel confident that everything about the way you look in your clothes is all right.

Selecting Your Clothes

Clothes should bring out your best features. The latest fashion may be perfect for your classmate but a disaster for you. Determine how the garment looks on you, not on the hanger or on a fashion model. Do you know the clothing best for you? Determine first your built, your color or complexion and your strong and weak features. You can do this in front of a full-length mirror and check yourself.

Are you small and petite?

Are you short and plump?

Are you tall and thin?

Are you tall and plump?

Are you of average height?

Are you of medium weight?

Are you fair or dark?


If you know your physical features, you can decide the right line, color and style or clothes that best suit you.

Here are some factors to consider in selecting your clothes:


A.   Color

Each of us has a natural coloring that goes well with certain colors. Certain shade of almost any color may be right for you, but usually the fol­lowing are worth con­sidering.

White, bright colors and warm colors like red, orange and yellow will make you look larger while black and cool colors like green and blue will make you look smaller.

Dark colors will make you appear slender; light tints will make you appear big­ger.

To test if the color is becoming to you, hold to your face a variety of colored fabrics, large enough to cover your shoulders. You can see if the color enhances the color of your skin.


B.   Lines

lines can be deceiving. They can make you look taller or shorter.

Unbroken vertical lines running from the shoulder to the bottom of a garment generally add height to the wearer. If you want to look taller and slimmer, choose clothes with vertical lines such as stripes or shirtwaist clothes. If you are short and plump, wear this kind of clothes, but avoid tightly fitted clothes.

Clothes with horizontal lines will also generally make you look shorter and more plump. This type of clothes is good for tall and thin boys and girls.


C.    Design

Big designs on clothes will make small people appear big while small designs or prints on clothes make big people appear small.


Choose clothes with collar or neckline that suit your face. For long, narrow face, and long neck, the best neckline is turtle neck, Peter Pan and Chinese collar. For round, broad face and short neck, V-neckline is becoming. Round neckline suits a square jaw.


D.   Fabrics

Soft, smooth but not shiny fabrics will make you appear taller and slimmer. Rough and bulky fabrics will make you appear heavier.


E.    Occasions

Choose clothes that will suit the time, place, occasion or activity. You will feel comfortable and secure if you are certain that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion.


a.     Clothes for School

School clothes should be durable, simple and easy to clean. High school girls usually wear blouses and skirts. Boys usually wear sport shirts and dark pants.


b.    Play Clothes

Choose the ones that allow for easy move­ment. The material should be durable and can be laundered easily. Clothing should also absorb perspiration.


c.    Special Occasions

For special oc­casions, you will need clothes that are more dressy than your school and play clothes.


Girls have more variety in their clothing than boys. Usually the boys wear a suit or a jacket that matches with trousers for special occasions. Girls wear dresses in light colors, have decorative touches for special occasions like formal party, receptions and weddings. For church wear, clothing is usually simple and not too dressy. Boys and girls usually wear their "Sunday best."


F.    Fit

Choose clothes that fit you well. The garment should fit securely where it should. You should move freely in your clothes, thus, making you feel comfort­able.

G.   Weather

You have also to consider the weather condition in choos­ing your clothes. For warm days, wear comfortable clothes which are simple, easy to clean and absorb perspiration. For cold days, wear thick clothes that will protect you from the cold weather.



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