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Selling A Wedding Dress

Updated on June 11, 2015

Selling Your Wedding Dress

There are many services that work to provide brides with solutions in both selling wedding dresses and buying them too. Selling a wedding dress doesn’t always seem like a viable option but the fact is selling your wedding dress can help you recover some of the costs from your wedding. These services often provide a safe and reliable service for those looking to sell wedding dresses, both new and second hand. Once the bride has had her moment, she can more comfortably wonder, "Why sell my second hand wedding dress?” rather than the dress just hanging in a closet for posterity's sake, she can choose to make money back and also help another bride to be.

Why Should I Sell My Wedding Dress?

Many brides have dreams of what they can do in the future with their wedding dresses, whether it be their kids find value in the dress and maybe choose to be married in it or just keeping it for sentimental value. However, the reality is that you can get much more value from selling your used wedding dress. This value comes in the form of financial gain which can be used to benefit your relationships or even create lifelong experiences.

Selling wedding dress is quickly becoming common practice. Selling second hand wedding dresses is becoming more and more prominent for many reasons, one being that second hand dress services are allowing for brides and designers to sell their dresses to a much wider audience at better rates.


How To Get Your Dress Sold

Actually selling the dress can be a difficult decision; it's irreversible. Being practical and being sentimental require thinking with two different parts of the brain. However, keeping a dress that will probably never be worn again instead of selling it and using the funds on a wiser purchase make the decision much easier to make. Consider the bigger picture when holding onto the dress. The answer to the question, "Sell my wedding dress?" is a personal one, however.

Second hand wedding dresses are also part of a much larger trend of collaborative consumption. In a world that is focused on green living, it isn't very green-wise to keep a dress that is only going to be worn once. Many new brides sell second hand wedding dresses. Brides-to-be will gladly purchase second hand wedding dresses for a fraction of the price. Extend the lifecycle of all products by finding other ways to reuse them - this includes a wedding dress. Sharing beautiful pre owned wedding dresses with those who would not otherwise be able to afford it is an excellent way to not only pay it forward but to also play a small part in the effort to be 'green'.

Pre owned wedding dresses are a large part of the bridal market. Many wedding dresses that are still in mint condition can generally sell for about 50 percent of the original value. It may take 2 to 3 months to find a buyer because everyone has unique taste, especially when it comes to their special day. Important things to remember are to sell the dress as soon as possible so it doesn't go out of style and make sure to have it professionally cleaned before listing for sale. And, cleaning doesn't mean paying to preserve the dress - save the added expense.

When the decision to sell the dress has been made, the next question is how to sell second hand wedding dresses. There are many different ways to sell the wedding dress successfully. As with everything, there are many different online stores where a photograph and description of the dress can be posted. Second hand designer wedding dresses can be purchased in mint condition for approximately 60-70% of the original price. Be sure to include plenty of pictures of the dress so potential buyers will see the dress from every angle. Make certain to appropriately feature second hand designer wedding dresses for maximum potential. The more clearly the dress is pictures, the more potential brides will see it.


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