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Satin Corsets for Men From Shirley of Hollywood

Updated on October 16, 2009

There's something undeniably lovely about corsets, perhaps its the way they are designed to control and confine, yet feel so very good. Traditionally of course, these garments were designed to simply hold in curves which appeared in the wrong places and create curves in the proper locations, and they still perform this function, which makes them quite useful for men who like to cut a feminine figure when they wear lingerie.

They're more than purely functional items of lingerie too of course, they are center pieces, prized possessions capable of transporting the wearer to places where old school glamor has not been lost, where lingerie is queen and where sensuality rules all.

The corsets in this article are all made by the inimitable Shirley of Hollywood, legends in lingerie. Prepare to drool, guys, these corsets aren't just pieces of lingerie, they are truly works of art.

Satin Strapless Corset With Swarovski Crystals

If you've been looking for some serious lingerie to splash out on, this Marilyn Monroe inspired strapless corset is an excellent choice. It's available by special order only (no surprises there, one can't simply pump out an endless supply of swarovski encrusted corsets for the general marketplace, after all.) This is part of Shirley of Hollywood's 60th Anniversary collection, perhaps it could be part of yours too?

Satin Jacquard Strapless Corset

From the exquisite, to the exquisitely simple, this jacquard strapless corset almost looks plain in comparison, but don't be fooled, the same care and design expertise have been used in the creation of this work in contrast. There's something of a cowboy feel about this corset too, I feel. So slip into this, strap your six shooter to your thigh, don your ten gallon hat, and ride off into a lacy sunset.

Heavy Satin and Lace Corset

(S)he ain't heavy, (s)he's my corset. A symphony in heavy satin, the thick luxuriousness of this garment fitting snugly against every inch of your torso is the stuff of sweet dreams. This satin corset also comes with matching removable garters, making it an outfit to go. (Assuming you're going somewhere where stockings, a garter and a corset are considered sufficient clothing not to be arrested for indecency.)

Skull Corset

Inspired by the young people, who were in turn, inspired by pirates, this skull corset is so incredibly amazingly awesome that it is hard to put it into words. Imagine a zombie king riding on a dinosaur floating on a lake of fire infested with titanium sharks with lasers made from suns on their heads and you might start to approach the level of sheer excellence that has been achieved in this piece.


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      8 years ago

      Great article about corsets. I think corsets are so wonderful to wear. I like to wear authentic corsets. The feeling from these corsets is outstanding. I think maybe the public will be more open to change one day.


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