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Silk Appeal – Sensual Women’s Scarves for You and Your Man

Updated on August 25, 2015

Many females spend exorbitant amounts of time making plans on what to wear for that singular date. We dig through our closets attempting to piece together that ideal ensemble or sit around mentally going through our wardrobe and contemplating how this skirt will look with that blouse or that dress with that bolero jacket. We even think about how these items can be paired with our shoes, jewelry and other accessories. It is all part of the plan to come up with that one look, one outfit, sure to leave him speechless. We even wonder what perfume will be the most effective.

Scent and sight are the two major senses that men and women focus on when they desire to make a significant impression on the opposite gender. The sense of touch is often neglected when we consider what to wear and in our presentation of ourselves. Yet, touch can have a weighty effect on how we, or our partners, feel.

If it is a first date, particularly one where the sparks fly, couples will tentatively touch each other. She may make contact with his arm as they carry a conversation at dinner. He might place his hand on her waist or shoulder, to ensure their safety crossing the busy avenue. These are gentle touches, rarely intimate, but always leaving some type of impression.

Come winter, the clothing we tend to lean towards consists of harsher materials. Wool and tweed may be warm and practical, but they are itchy and coarse to the touch. The roughness of this fabric does not encourage anyone to linger. Instead, fingers tend to withdraw quickly.

In contrast to this is silk. Silk is quality material. Fine, soft and elegant, its reputation places it among the best of fabrics. It is associated with luxury items. It speaks in volumes about style, class and grace. Yet, silk is indubitably sensual. It is hard not to stroke and caress silk.

While it is neither practical or affordable for many to purchase an entire silk ensemble, it is possible to purchase a single item. You can still achieve that sensual, yet classy appeal by buying a single silk shawl or scarf. By simply draping it over your shoulders, it will inexpensively add a wealth of sensation to a coat, dress or jacket.

If you decide to purchase a shawl or scarf, opt for the finest – 100% pure silk fabric. High quality, silky and luxuriously soft, it attains the most marks on the ‘touch scale’. At the same time, you can immediately see that it is the definitive in eminence.

Also, be sure to consider the method of creation of the product. This particularly pertains to the design and color. The method utilized will affect the feel of the finished fabric. Printed designs may stand out, but the texture is rough to the touch. Alternatively, hand-painted shawls and scarves are the result of a different process. The fabric absorbs the dye. The result is a soft, silky fabric sensuous to the slightest touch.

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    • Don Simkovich profile image

      Don Simkovich 7 years ago from Pasadena, CA

      Scarves don't have to cost very much, do they? In other words, they can be an affordable accessory. Good point on touch being important, too.

    • Athlyn Green profile image

      Athlyn Green 7 years ago from West Kootenays

      Wow! I love your crystal clear pictures, which make this article come alive.

      I bought a beaded scarf/shawl & just love it.