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Sephora Eyeshadow (All That Glitters N 109) Review

Updated on August 25, 2015

All That Glitters N 109

Good Morning everyone! Like, I promised no more samples from my birthday last week. I know. everybody is so happy, now. HAHA! I always enjoy trying samples, never know when you’ll find your next love in the beauty world. Maybe today will be the day?

All That Glitters Is Gold

All That Glitters N 109

Open Product
Open Product
Back Of Product
Back Of Product

What? Online Dating?

I ordered this product online, just on a whim. I was just looking on the Sephora website and saw this eyeshadow, and it just caught my eye. The color is gold which, is my go to, love color. But, when I really looked at the picture online, I saw the glitter mixed in the shadow and fell in love online. Yeah, that sounds like I was on a dating website but, this was WAY better. And maybe one day I’ll tell you all, the funny stories of my online dating. Lets just say none of them got a second date. But, lets save that for another day and different topic. Lol and yes I did just lol.

Gold Eye

Eyeshadow & Masacra
Eyeshadow & Masacra

Little Smokey Eye

Eye Shadow Gold & Black,Eyeliner,Mascara
Eye Shadow Gold & Black,Eyeliner,Mascara

The Review

So, it took about five days for me to receive this through the mail and that was one of the longest five days of my life! Believe me when that package came, I tore it open and immediately, put it on. The eyeshadow case, is just a solid black color and the center of the lid is clear. The clear is nice, you can see what color your picking up in your make up bag, without having to open every single eyeshadow. If your make up bag is anything, like mine, (super messy) it helps life out a little. Flipping the eyeshadow over, you can see the color name is written on it and you’ll find the oz size. It’s 0.07 oz size, that’ll last me about 6 months. I do like to use gold eyeshadow, in my everyday looks. It just matches everything and it adds a little edge without looking like full on club look. I applied this eyeshadow all over my eyelid so, you could see a nice all over look. This is super easy to apply, doesn't take much at all. Very important note, this does not come with any kind of brush so, make sure you have one. I can’t say, I haven't used my finger a time or two but, then you waste product and your hands are covered in eyeshadow. I used a Urban Decay brush, that I previously bought. I love how easy it is to apply. It took two swipes of my brush, on each eye and BAM! A beautiful gold eye, with some shine! I know lot’s of people hear glitter and run! Scared that the glitter will be everywhere? Or that it will be, way to much on your eye? But, have no fear this glitter, stays in place, even after a busy day at work. I didn't have glitter all over my face or a splotchy eye, missing eyeshadow, in spots. This shadow is so smooth and is a powder but, almost has a cream like feel. That helps keep it in place! I love this eyeshadow! So, I decided to go ahead and add some eye liner and mascara so, everyone could see a complete look idea. I will review the eye liner and mascara, used here very soon! I also, did a baby smokey eye with this color. I really want everyone to see how versatile this shadow really is! This product runs about $13 dollars before tax but, I got it for $5, on sale. Looks like the sale is still going on, if your wanting to try it and don't wanna spend a lot. My final verdict, LOVEEEEEE THIS! I would defiantly buy this again and use it several days out of my week.The color, sequin like shine and texture, not to mention the price, all get’s an A+, from me.

Questions And Comments

I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask! ~LillyRose


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