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September Ipsy Glamazon Bag Review!

Updated on October 7, 2016

First Impression// New Lip Gloss

This month I received my monthly "beauty update" as I like to call it, and I wasn't too surprised because with every other bag that comes I seem to be getting some what of the same items.In makeup there isn't too much options as to products as it is, but every once in awhile it would be nice not to get the same color scheme of nail polish that I have already got.

In this bag I didn't receive another nail polish. I did receive more lotion and another blending brush.I thought about it and I'm not complaining because some of the stuff I have excess of I throw in to gifts and make a nice little surprise for my friends. I do realize that maybe I should change up my IPSY profile by retaking the beauty quiz that defines what I receive. The bag was very chic that the products came in, in the picture above it is behind all the products and it totally works if you're rocking denim that day.

.........and so on...........


The Lips are the latest trend year-round and the first product to catch my eye was the brand Too Faced Cosmetics with their Lip Injection Lip Gloss.

The lip gloss is a simple looking bottle with a sheer finish once applied. It was said to give the appearance of plumper lips once applied and I really did feel the plump as well as see redder lips after 2 minutes. I would recommend it if you are walking into a place where you will be recognized in the next 5 minutes because after that you're back to your previous look with the only difference of shiny lips.

Moisturizer and Face Cleanser


In the September bag I did receive a "Naked" lotion. This lotion didn't specify if it was for face, hands or body, judging by the thick nature and smell I used it for my hands.Considering the weather is already drying my skin and my eyes are even sensing the change in temperature I decided it was time to take action with my skincare routine! I don't think I would go out and buy this lotion on my own it didn't catch my attention and I didn't like how it was so generally labeled.It had no instructions or benefits listed on it, nor did it mention anything about the brand itself.


The cleanser that came with this months bag is called "Amie"- deep pore exfoliating polish. It smells fruity and fresh, benefits your pores by cleaning ans then tightening. I use it when I take a shower because the steam opens up the pores and when I apply it I know I'm using the product to its full ability. During the fall/winter seasons I try not to use it as often because overusing dries out my skin and it feels super tight and itchy. I give this product a medium score, it didn't change my skin but it is comfortable to have around for when you're taking products to travel with

Blending/Patting Brush and Pencil Highlighter

Wow! Another brush in my IPSY BAG!

I love the texture of this brush because it is so soft on your eyes and doesn't tug on the gentle skin around the eyes to cause wrinkles. It holds the pigment well and transfers easily without many strokes for your desired look. I use it daily for blending lighter shades on the crease and I will say that I can compare it to many other blending brushes because the main purpose is to blend the shade and that doesn't require precision. I would say for blending brushes you can definitely save money on and buy a cheaper one and for the other precision brushes I would splurge on a bit.It is a great steal to receive it in your monthly Ipsy bag.

//Fat Pencil Highlighter//

This highlighter pen spreads very easily, the formula is very well blended for a smooth finish. I do think the shade sent to me was a bit too light for my complexion but then again that's the point of it. I use it for day time because I doesn't carry any color. I use a deeper and pigmented highlighter for my evening looks. I would recommend it to someone who doesn't use much of a highlighter and wants to have it in their bag for a fuller-lips "effect" in their cupids bow. In the picture below I applied a bit on my cupids bow and WOO! It literally completes the look, that is my last add on before I'm done with my routine!


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