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Septum Care

Updated on July 5, 2017

What you Need to Know

First of all, it is important to know about a piercing in advance. The Septum piercing will be of course done on your septum. For those of you who are unclear when it comes to human anatomy, as to where the septum is i shall explain. Your septum is the wall within your nose that without, would make it look as if you had one larger nostril. It is important to know that this is smack dab in the middle of your face where a lot of bacteria can accumulate. So be prepared to clean it daily if not more than your average ear.


Work restriction

Many people ask themselves prior to a piercing, Will my work allow this? The answer is generally going to be an indefinite no. Although this may pose as a problem for someone who wants to get this done, it does not seem to truly pose such a conundrum. Now for those who do not know this, the septum piercing is quite the magician. It can disappear! No not really but, in all seriousness you can hide your septum ring. When you get it pierced with a horse shoe you are able to simply flip your piercing so that the entire thing is inside your nose. This works best if you get it done with black jewelry so it is not easily noticed inside of your nose.This way the only one who knows about it is you and not you boss.


Supplies to keep it clean.

Now I can not stress this enough. It is of the utmost importance. With any piercing, you must keep it clean!!! This Will Keep your new(or current) Piercing(s) from getting infected. I will touch base with this subject more ,but first we need to know this. What supplies do I need?

  • Cotton Swabs/ Q-tips
  • paper towel
  • small cup(if not using a store bought solution)
  • Salt water solution

If You Want to use a store bought solution here is a list of brands you may purchase.

  • H2ocean
  • ultimate piercing spray
  • simple care piercing aftercare spray

How to Keep it Clean

When you clean your piercing you will want to gather your supplies. Set down a paper towel and use it as a sterilized station for them. Fill the small cup with a mixture of water and non iodized salt and mix. Make sure to use warm/hot water for the solution. When you begin to clean your septum you will want to make sure it is flipped out so that it is not tucked away in your nose. Take a cotton swab/ Q tip and dunk it in the solution soaking the cotton. Use the cotton swab around the location in wich the piercing was made. Be sure to get any gunk away from your piercing and that you are thoroughly cleaning it. You will want to repeat this step again with a fresh swab on the other nostril. You do not need to dry with a paper towel. Make sure that this is done at least two times a day.

A clean Piercing equals a happy person


The importance of keeping a piercing clean

The reason why we clean a piercing daily is simple. It helps keep it from getting infected and it aids in the healing process.

When you do not properly and regularly clean a piercing it can become infected. You nose is a breeding ground for bacteria. To name a few Staphylococcus aureus and Corynebacterium pseudodiphtheriticum. Staph can cause sepsis, pneumonia, or infection of the heart valves.

When you piercing becomes infected it can turn red, swell, and cause a great deal of pain. An infection can also be accompanied by discharge, a bump at the piercing site, and excessive bleeding. Now it is normal to bleed a little after it is pierced but if it is excessive and accompanied by pain it is infected.

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