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Setting up a Tattoo Workstation

Updated on January 4, 2010
Typical Set up
Typical Set up

Setting up a Tattoo Workstation

Setting up a tattoo workstation in a professional environment, always starts with one very important factor sterility. Your top priority should be to have a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for your customers. Also you will need all your equipment withing direct reach.

First of all WASH your hands with green soap and put on disposable gloves. You should change your gloves prior to prepping the client for their stencil and again before beginning the actual tattoo work. Next, wipe down all surfaces with a good disinfectant. That means all the counters space or move able trays where inks and tattoo equipment will be held. Also very important to clean the tattoo furniture where your client will be sitting. Now that you have disinfected your area you will use a barrier film to cover areas in your workstation. Anywhere the tattoo procedure will be performed should be covered. Especially tattoo furniture's rests or foot rests which will be utilized in procedure, and the areas where you will be setting your tattoo machines and supplies such as needles, tubes, and inks. Also cover spray bottles. Tattoo artists generally use a spray bottle or squeeze bottle to dispense green soap, distilled water or other product they will use to clean excess ink off the skin during the tattoo process. These bottles should be covered to keep contaminated fluids from getting directly on the bottles.

Now you can set up sterilized tattoo machines with power supply, foot switch, clip cords and cover any of these as needed. Place your rubber bands and grommets next to your tattoo machine to put on once you're ready to load your needles and tubes. Place new, unopened needles and tubes next to your tattoo machine. These may be reusable items that can be re sterilized and sealed in an autoclave bag or items sealed sterile from the manufacture designed to be disposable after use. Set up all our disposable items such as razors to remove hair from site to be tattooed, paper towels for wiping away excess ink from the skin throughout the process, and distilled water in disposable cup to clean tattoo tubes between color changes. All this equipment should be with in reach on your sterile roll away covered with barrier film. Now your ready to dispense ink. Take individual, one use ink caps and put the various colors of ink required in individual caps. The number of caps will vary depending on how many different colors will be used.

Now you ready to apply stencil to customer. You should always have the stencil ready to apply and your choice of stencil applicator near by. Now this is where you will begin the process on the customer. Remember if you take breaks never reuse gloves always practice safe tatttoing to avoid cross contamination and spread of pathogens. If you follow these instructions and keep clean habits I hope you are successful in the business no one wants a dirty tattoo shop.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub, looking forward to come back and fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

      Ron from Fitness

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Yes, a sterile environment is essential.

      Voted up.


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