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Seven Unique DIY Nail Designs You Must Try

Updated on April 18, 2014

There are so many design out there that even if you change your nail design every week you won’t need to repeat any design for rest of your life. Here are some unique Nail designs that can help you create your own signature look.

Newspaper Nails:

The Newspaper nails are very different and they look super chic. They are very easy to create. Firstly apply a base coat for long-lasting effect then apply a colored nail polish. Preferable colors are light tones pink, aqua or yellows.

The light color will help enhancing the dark shaded newspaper text. After drying the initial coats dip each nail in rubbing alcohol or water for five seconds then press a small newspaper cutting firmly on your nail and peel it off gently. The ink from newspaper text will get attached to your nails.

Scotch Tape Nail Design:

Scotch tape can be your best friend when it comes to nail designing. Especially when you are doing it at home you need the finesse and style of an expert scotch tape can come very handy. It is simple cover the area you do not want to be painted with scotch tape and freely brush the rest of the nail. How you cut place your scotch tape in different designs is up to your creative mind. It can be simple diagonal, crescent, like sun rays, checkered pattern, zigzag, dotted or colored scotch tape can be made into cute nail stickers for quick designs.

Another interesting scotch tape style is creating a window between two layers. For instance paint your nail in three colors of your choice. Then paste tiny but long stripes or pattern of scotch tape on your nails and apply a darker nail polish shade. The extra part of scotch tape helps you pull off the tape easily and when you do so the darker shade nail polish from that particular area gets off with it and you are left with openings revealing the inner shades. This can also be done with glittered and matt nail polish.

Nail Art Brushes

Nail Art Brushes- Professional Nail Art Brushes- Sable Nail Art Brush Pen, Detailer, Liner **Set of 3
Nail Art Brushes- Professional Nail Art Brushes- Sable Nail Art Brush Pen, Detailer, Liner **Set of 3

The brushes used for nail painting are needed to be very thin keeping in mind that nail is the canvas. Here is a set of three brushes that are different in sizes and fine in quality.


Animal Print Nails Designs:

Animal skin has remained a popular and timeless inspiration for fabrics, clothing, bags, wallpapers, home decorations and much more. The trend has surely left a mark on nail designs as well. The leopard print is easy and leaves you with a fancy manicure. Paint the nail with color of your choice and add tiny spots of the contrast color lastly using dotting tool or bobby pin draw small brackets of even darker shade around those circles and cover it a transparent base coat when it dries.

For Zebra print thin paint brush is used for creating trim zebra markings. Professionals can also draw animals and create tricky animal inspired designs on nails with careful use of equipment.

Beaded or Caviar Nail Design:

Another striking yet easy to do nail designing is adding colorful beads on nail. It is simple all you have to do is decide a base color and apply a quick dry top coat on it and dip the nail in beads. Tiny caviar like beads will stick to the wet surface. For durable effect apply a top coat for sealing. Again the likes and creativity of person are involved. You can have all fingers beaded or just one on each hand. The person may want only beaded tips or half zigzag side filled with beads. The choice also ranges between color and size selection of beads.

Nail Art Gems

Real Feather

One can even add a real feather to the nail design. Carefully pick a thin and neat feather and place it on wet nail polish and let it set. After that trim the excess feather and seal it with top coat.

Disco Nails

The funky nail designs also include nails inspired by disco balls. All you need is shining rhinestones. After applying a base coat cover the entire nail with small medium and large rhinestones and you are done.

Tip: For more spark you can also apply glittered nail polish as base coat. Rhinestones are great nail embellishments even a couple of those on beautiful base coat can give your nails a perfect look. Some like square diamantes more than circular stones. Square or rectangular stones arranged in symmetry can also create a fabulous look.

3D Nails Decorations

SHANY Cosmetics  3D Nail Art Decoration Mini Bottles with Nail Art Tweezer, 48 Count
SHANY Cosmetics 3D Nail Art Decoration Mini Bottles with Nail Art Tweezer, 48 Count

This set of 48 mini glass bottles has a huge variety of 3D nail decoration cosmetics with tweezers. They contain Glitter, sequins, rhinestones in pearly, glittery, neon colors, Matte colors and assorted styles.


Nail Chains

Another striking nail decoration is chain. Chains come in many styles and designs. Person can either glue the chains on the nails or can attach them to the extended tip so it dangles down. For gluing chains on the nails always leave room at edges so they will stick completely and won’t get stuck in anything. The dangling chains are cute but they are not as durable. They have high chance of getting stuck on breaking off the nail.

Which of the designs you are most eager to try?

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