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Seven facial beauty signs

Updated on October 14, 2010

The seven beauty signs are centuries old.  They are seen as a signs of beauty.  The appearance in the face were seen as pure beauty.  Nowadays nobody attaches great importance to the seven beauty signs.  A sleek figure and a nice skin are often more important.  It's all about the big picture.  Below are the seven beauties describe. 

How much do you have?

Dark hair and blue eyes
Dark hair and blue eyes

1) Dark hair and blue eyes or the other variant presented her with brown eyes. Or rather unknown red hair with green eyes.
These combinations are among the seven wonders because they are uncommon. It gives people a unique appearance. Celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Katie Holmes and Hugh Grant have this combination.

2) Long and curly eyelashes
When you lashes are long and curly your eyes appear larger and more eloquent. This is something most women want. Yet only a small proportion of women have naturally long and curly eyelashes. Therefore it belongs to the seven beauty signs. But let’s all be glad for the mascara, so we all can have full eye lashes. When we use the eyelash curler we also can have a nice curl in it.

3) Split between teeth
It really is one of the beauty signs, but most people are not really happy. Nice straight white tooth are found much nicer than the slit. Because it is not perfect it is seen as a beauty sign. Madonna is the most famous with a slit.

7) Dimples in the cheeks
The last of the seven beauties, called the dimples in the cheeks. You will see them if someone smiles or laughs, it is adorable when somebody has it.

4) Freckles
Freckles are benign spots. They are most common in the face, arms and shoulders. There are many people who have freckles when they sit in the sun. When they sit less in the sun the most freckles disappear. People who have permanent freckles are not always happy. The ideal of fashion want a smooth skin without blemishes and imperfections. Freckles are especially common by people with light skin and people with red hair, but believe me if your background is from Indonesia you will also have them. Celebrities with freckles are Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Lindsay Lohan

5) Mole above the lip
Previously, the mole above the lip was seen as tremendous beauty. After Marily Monroe made the mole herself a lot of other women followed her. It does not matter if it's on the right or left side. After Marilyn Monroe's supermodel Cindy Crawford has become known with it.

6) Almond-shaped eyes
Almond-shaped eyes in the shape of an almond. What they really mean is big expressive eyes.

Luckily everybody nowadays can have their eyes look bigger with make-up. Eyes are seen as the key to the face because it is often the first thing people look at. The bigger the eyes the better.


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    • profile image

      im just here to make you happy 7 weeks ago

      people youre all beautiful in your own way be confident confidence is beauty ;)

    • profile image

      Mina 14 months ago

      I just don't have blue eyes, freckles and the mole!

    • profile image

      Karleigh 2 years ago

      I thought a ring around the iris was

    • profile image

      Pg 3 years ago

      To have all seven signs of beauty one is not said to be beautiful but the contrary so folks it's better to have one or two but not all seven it's not something one should glamor about

    • profile image

      zainab 3 years ago

      I have four

    • profile image

      Lauren 4 years ago

      I have the almond eyes the mole above the lip the dimples and Long eyelashes

    • profile image

      Noemie 4 years ago

      I have dark hair, long curly lashes, almond shaped eyes, and if I smile very hard I get a dimple under my eye.

    • profile image

      jorge 4 years ago

      I prefer beautiful people than just beauty "signs" on the face...

    • profile image

      arun :P 5 years ago

      ahh I'm missing one i don't have number three split between teeth but i guess its still OK

    • profile image

      Nina:) 5 years ago

      I have all of them !

      I am pretty ! But i don't like my frekels ! Or the mole

      But im beautyful !!

    • profile image

      Liz 5 years ago

      I have freckles, a mole on my lip (don't know if that counts), curly lashes, long hair, dimples and big eyes.....haha!

    • profile image

      dimple 5 years ago

      freckles are one of the signs of beauty??? eeeeeee :/

      i hate freckles

    • profile image

      Steff 5 years ago

      I have all of them except mole above lip I do have one on my neck though, I only have a few freckles als0

    • profile image

      Mirage 5 years ago

      I have 1but with black eyes, 2, 6 & 7 :)

    • profile image

      sarah 5 years ago

      I thought widows peak was too!!! I also think a beauty mark below the eye is quite beautiful

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I thought a widow's peak was one of the signs of beauty

    • profile image

      naina 5 years ago

      i have 5

    • profile image

      Robin 6 years ago

      I can't seem the beauty signs for males, what are those?

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      I think Cindy Crawford is quite ugly. Mostly because of that mole, why is it a beauty mark? :S