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Sexiest Olympic outfits

Updated on December 13, 2012

A look at the sexiest and most stylish Olympic outfits worn by male athletes across a wide range of sports, including diving, gymnastics and cycling.

The Summer Olympics are a wonderful opportunity for nations to come together and for us all to marvel at the extraordinary capacity of the human body to achieve amazing things. But while we’re revelling in the achievements of humankind, it’s also nice to have something nice to look at while we’re watching our athletes run, leap, kick and tumble.

Here’s a list of the sexiest Olympic outfits:



While swimmers prefer a streamlined, body-covering suit, our divers are free to wear as little as they please. The itty bitty Speedos favoured by British athletes such as Tom Daley leave little to the imagination – and prove that while he may not have won gold, he’s still an absolute winner.


Whether it’s flipping around on the rings or dominating on the pommel horse, gymnastics requires extraordinary focus and incredible strength. It doesn’t hurt to have a super-tight outfit, either. When it comes to looking great in a uniform Team USA’s John Orozco scored a perfect 10.


The men’s rowing uniforms leave little to the imagination. And since it’s a team sport, that just means there’s plenty of tight outfits on view. Aussie rowers are some of the strongest competitors out there.



Since cyclists need to literally ride like the wind, their outfits needs to be extra tight for maximum effectiveness. All that time on a bike gives cyclists incredibly sexy calves, and all that Lycra makes it much easier to show them off.


There’s something so sexy about watching two men clobber each other in pursuit of the gold medal. The men’s wrestling outfits show off their well-toned muscles and buff bods, putting all that hard work in the gym to good use.


Opening Ceremony uniforms

The outfits worn by the Aussie team at the Olympic opening ceremony were iconically Australian and super stylish: dark green blazers over white skirts or pants, capped off with Dunlop vollies. Our athletes looked dapper as they circled the Olympic grounds, making everyone fall a little bit in love with the girls and guys in the green and gold. If you’re looking to have some fun with your next athlete (or accountant, artist or architect!) then make sure you visit Jazzed dating to find your new match.

Which of these do you think are the sexist Olympic outfits?

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