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Bras For Small Breasts

Updated on February 2, 2011

I've done articles on sexy bras for large breasts, because, as a woman with large breasts, I know how hard it is to find nice, sexy lingerie that fits properly. But, until recently, it hadn't occurred to me that small-breasted women might have the same exact problem. So, after a bit of searching, I have found some lovely, sexy bras for women sized AAA, AA and A, and I've listed a few styles below.

Fortunately, you can buy these online. In some cases, the prices are a bit steep, but that's what happens when you're buying a size that's not in the average range. The same thing happens to us larger-breasted women, so don't feel too bad about it. On the plus side, they do tend to be better quality than other bras, so at least you know they'll last longer than most. Take a look at the sexy bras for small breasts you see below and I'm sure you'll find at least one style that suits you.

Pink Bra from Dainty Lady

I have to admit, this is a bit, um, pink, but I think it's perfectly cute. I like the lace trim between the cups and also the straps. If this bra isn't quite your taste, you may want to keep it in mind if your daughter will be needing a training bra soon. I'm sure loads of teenagers would love this one. You can buy it online at

Price: $50

Passion Flower by Dainty Lady

This is another one you can buy from Dainty Lady. Love the black, of course, and the passion flower detail is really quite lovely. It may be a little frou-frou for some people, but I'd probably wear this myself. It would look pretty nice with a pair black knickers and thigh-high stockings!

Price: $60

Snowdrop by Dainty Lady

Another one from Dainty Lady. I know, white is so old-fashioned, but look at that detail. I love it. There's something very pure, yet quite sexy about it. Great first bra for a teenager, and a great multi-purpose number for the rest of us.

Price: $26

Tanya by Antonia Ghazlan

This is probably my fave on the list. I love sheer material and I love lace. I also love that color. This one can be found at, where they specialize in bras for small-breasted women. They have quite a large selection really, have a look!

Price: $56


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