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Sexy Christmas Shoes

Updated on April 28, 2015

Christmas time is usually a time where nice boys and girls are rewarded, but sometimes rewarding the bad boys can be just as fun. Sexy Christmas shoes are a great way to add some real kick to the holiday season and give yourself and the love of your life a present they are sure to remember.

The range of sexy Christmas shoes can go all the way from sugarplum sweet to making Santa blush! Whether you are attending a holiday party or just "entertaining" at home, the right pair of heels or boots can really put you into a festive mood. Imagine how much of an impact that Santa's Little Helper can have by strutting into the room in a great pair of sexy heels or boots.

Sexy Christmas heels

The holiday season has many opportunities for dressing up in luxurious fabrics and finishes. A great pair of heels can dress up jeans and cashmere or be the finishing detail to a gorgeous party dress.

Sexy Christmas heels can be found in many colors and styles with red reigning as the top choice. Glittery and reflective buckles, bows, or other accents can dress them up. Open toe or closed toe, the choice it yours. The real decision comes to the heel. From short and squat to a 6" stilleto heel, the chance to be naughty or nice is available.

From candy stripes to bold reds, these shoes are guaranteed to turn Santa's Little Helper into a red hot piece of eye candy!

Sexy Christmas boots

Boots for stepping out or staying home

If heels are not your thing, there is always sexy holiday boots in a wide range of styles and heights. From the whimsical elf boot to full on patent leather thigh high boots forget about those Ugg boots and live it up.

Sexy Christmas boots can be worn with dresses, but also work well with some lingerie or something as simple as panties and a strapless bra for a really daring look! Short heels or stilletos, the variety in holiday footwear is just as numerous in the boot department. These sexy boots can be found in velvet, grosgrain, leather and more. Many have fun and festive detailing like bows, bells, or jester cut tops. You will have not trouble getting attention at any holiday gathering in a pair of these boots.

The best part of these boots is the further usage. If you buy red, white, or black knee high or thigh high boots than you can probably utilize them again for a costume party, Halloween or a night at the local nightclub. It does not just have to be once a year event.

Sexy Christmas shoes and sexy Christmas boots are sure to make Santa blush! These are a sure-fire attention getter and add more fun to any already fun-filled time of year. These hot heels and boots work well in public and can be extremely wild for those very private parties. What do you get the man who has everything? How about pleasing yourself first with a great pair of sexy Christmas shoes and then pleasing him with the best present of all -- YOU!


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