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British Model - Emilia Fenton

Updated on November 5, 2012

British Beauty Model

Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management

After doing my hub yesterday about the film Cashback(2006) I remember the young girl 'Tanya' who excites Ben and Sean Higgins during their time in school as young boys. I just remember when watching the film how she had beautiful blue eyes and a distinctively handsome facial structure. I searched for information about her on the Internet yielding very little knowledge about what she is doing currently in her career, there wasn't even a wiki-pedia page for her. I assume she is only involved in her modeling currently.

I haven't a clue what age she is at present, she looks very young in the film, maybe 15, which would make her about 19 this year. I did manage to gather some information about her specifics in her modeling resume:

Height 5'9" Bust 30" Waist 23 Hips 34 Women Shoe: 7 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

I have begun with the most glamourous photos I could find, other photos are of her when she was younger I think or she is dressed more casually.

Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management

The outfit Emilia is wearing in these shots suits her immensely, she shares characteristics with eastern women, having the long thick brunette hair, light but healthy looking skin and the blue matches her eyes. The costume selector had it spot on with this choice.

Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management

Once again excellent background colour choices, all surroundings compliment Emilia's eyes and hair, and her choice of top is subtle and does not attract attention away from her natural dazzling look. Like many successful beauty models, Emilia's light skin is adorned with decorative beauty spots which can be seen in many websites which explore the fine line between natural beauty in artistic perspective.

Premier Model Management - One of her younger shots
Premier Model Management - One of her younger shots
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management

Here I have included one of Emilias younger shots and 2 casually dressed ones. I like the latter 2 photos because I am used to writing my descriptions about more defined actresses and I think the stripey tights and her costume type outfits represent her 'theatre' nature. Therefore I believe she rightfully belongs and fits within my actress series.

Cashback movie(2006)Gaumont
Cashback movie(2006)Gaumont
Cashback movie(2006)Gaumont
Cashback movie(2006)Gaumont

Finally I am concluding my article with shots from Emilia's role as 'Tanya' in Cashback. She definitely should branch out from modeling and pursue her acting as well, even though her part was fairly short in the film. These included being able to cry on demand and also the garage seen where she charges the boys 50p. To return to her more cheery photos I have included my signature 'smiling' picture to end the article on. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and that I have given you some insight into upcoming talent out there.

Premier Model Management
Premier Model Management


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    • profile image

      lol 6 years ago

      haha she went to my school ^^

    • Richieb799 profile image

      Richieb799 7 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

      OK Thanks for pointing out that small mistake guys, I will alter this soon :)

    • profile image

      Anonymous 7 years ago

      I just want to correct something here. Tanya hadn't any connection to the character Sean. She was a class-mate of Ben, however she only appeared at the school scene. After that her character is done and finished after 'Ben' states that her parents took her on holiday to the states and never came back because they made living arrangements there.

      Natalie was the girl in the garage. She later became the stripper in the second half of the film. Also, this is why the character Sean refers to women who 'give it up' easily as 'Natalies'.

    • profile image

      Henry 7 years ago

      It was Emilia Fenton that played the blue eyed girl Tanya in the classroom and outside the school. The girl Tanya was not the one that charged the boys 50p to see her naked in the garage scene in the movie Cashback! It was Nelly Lyster-Smith as the popular girl Natalie in the garage scene that lifts her skirt, drops her panties and flashes the very happy boys in the garage for 50p! So please make the correction!

    • Richieb799 profile image

      Richieb799 8 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

      Hi Fiona, I am very honoured to have you find my article :) You must be proud of your daughter, I just thought she deserved to be written about, and I found her interesting to write about because she is different, she is not just another model she has talents in other areas like film. Sorry for getting Feodora mixed up with Milly in a few pictures, I had to look hard for Milly's shots, so I will remove those ones shortly, this articles all about Milly!:)

    • profile image

      Fiona Fenton 8 years ago

      Hi I am Emilia's Mum Thank you for making some really nice comments.Milly was 13 years old when she appeared in Cashback.At the momment she is studying for her A levels,and altough she is on Premier's books there is not a lot she can do until she finishes her studies in the summmer of 2011.Just to let you know that some of the photos on your hub are not Milly they are Feodora another model with Premier.They are the ones at the begining,the glamorous shoots.

    • bearclawmedia profile image

      bearclawmedia 8 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

      I just hope you get to interview some of these models you speak of in your hubs. I know I would be calling them and telling them to check out your article and try to get an interview. Whack-o mate keep it up. Glad to see you did well with the nugget.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I have not seen the movie 'Cashback' 2006 but based on your hub and you sound like you should become a critique, I would certainly say she is an up and coming contender, good hub! :)


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