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How to Have Sexy, Clean Hair

Updated on April 22, 2011

Always having had a good sense of smell has been a plus, but in the last few years I've discovered a few negatives, too.  Being behind a smelly person in line at the supermarket is one.  I've had to turn my head or back away to avoid smelling another person's musty hair smell.  You know, that back of the head, just not fresh smell.  Yuck! 

The water where I live is hard, well water, so that it's difficult to get squeaky clean.   Since I've gotten older, my skin has gotten oilier, not drier.  I've noticed that sometimes my hair has been less that fresh by the end of a day.  When I visit friends who live were they have water from snow melt, the hair is much cleaner.  I can't bring gallons of that water home, thought I have wished that I could.  What to do?  I'd hate to think I might have less than clean hair.  Stinky?!!!  To me, clean hair is sexy hair.

I know that many hair stylists will say that squeaky clean hair is stripped of protection and easily damaged.   My fine hair does not look good unless it's really clean.   Of course,  when we shampoo, we are stripping oils and taking the dirk that the oils attract and hold out of the hair.  That's what detergents do.  "Detergents"? you may say.  Yes, we all use detergents with which to shampoo.  Soap, lye mixed with fat, would leave a scum on the hair.  So what to do to regain really fresh hair?

By chance I saw a product, Hairever 1 Cleansing Scalp Treatment, and added about a cap-full to the amount of shampoo I was using for one cleansing.  No only was my hair fresh smelling for 2 days (without any more shampooing), but it felt light and looked good for more than one day.   Sexy smelling, clean and good looking hair!  This product contains Retinol, Vit. A.   I suspect that this is what is making the difference.  It also contains menthol, linolenic acid, some other acids and other ingredients.  There are shampoos for oily hair that contain salicylic acid, that might work in a similar way.   I use face wash with 2% salicyilc acid to help control oil.  It works well.

If you know of any shampoos that contain Retinol, add them to the comments section.  If you use shampoo with salicylic acid, please share your experiences. Hairever 1, available at CVS, is expensive, but I've found that it works to add about 2 ounces, 1/4 of the bottle, to 16 ounces of shampoo to get clean, sexy, fresh-smelling hair.


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