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Sexy Holiday Makeup Looks: Eye Shadow, Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Updated on November 7, 2014

Nobody wants to be a wallflower at a holiday party! Your makeup should reflect your personality and allow you to stand out. It could be a make-or-break first impression for your next hot date, a new job, or a new best friend! Here are some groups of makeup for varying tastes & the persona you want to put forth.

Makeup Personality : I want to be a natural natural beauty & look like I didn’t try too hard. Use a “no-makeup” look, with neutral colors.

Glitter and sparkles will abound on everyone around you – but what if your chosen way to stand out is to look au naturale? This is an especially good makeup look if you will be wearing a flashy outfit & don’t want your makeup to compete with your clothing. Here are some suggestions to creating a stellar movie-star complexion without wearing dark or flashy makeup.

Natural Looking Makeup
Natural Looking Makeup

Opt for neutral, yet shimmery eye shadow colors, and create a tame version of the smoky eye with a light brown eye shadow. You can play up your liner by selecting a deep purple, golden brown, or midnight blue. To prevent your eye liner from looking thick and obvious, line close to the lash line. This will also accentuate eyelash length and give depth to eyes. Dab a white eye shadow on the inner corners of eyes. Be sure to curl your lashes and apply black or dark brown water resistant mascara.

If you want to downplay certain areas of your face (fake a slimmer nose, or accentuate cheekbones) use a matte bronzing powder to contour, and a highlighter stick to brighten.

For lips, use a nude lipstick, topped with a nearly transparent gloss that has a bit of sparkle.

Product Suggestions to dupe this look:

Makeup Personality: I normally don’t wear over-the-top makeup but want to look playful for the holidays. Try a sparkly makeup look, with glittery colors.

This is probably the most fun look to create & is an especially popular look for New Years Eve Parties. You want sparkles, and you want them everywhere! Lucky for you, the holidays are the best time to pull off this look. For uber sexy cat eyes, use a black pen liquid eye liner, and draw a sparkly line one layer up from the black liner. Still, this is a more subtle look. For more splashy glitter, pat it on your entire lid.

Sparkly Eye Shadow & Lip Gloss
Sparkly Eye Shadow & Lip Gloss

You don’t have to stop there! Tons of gorgeous glittery lip glosses are on the market right now. Cash in on that & bedazzle your lips in any color that compliments the rest of your makeup. If you will be wearing a low neckline or spaghetti straps, apply a body shimmer powder to your décolleté and shoulders for an added ethereal glow.

For clothing, choose something with hints of shimmer or sequins, or the standby LBD. Just make sure to pair it with fabulous shoes!

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Makeup Personality: I love the spotlight, have tons of friends & am the life of the party! Try a vibrant makeup look, with bright colors

Do you summon Lady Ga Ga for makeup inspiration? Then this is the look for you. Score jewel toned colors like deep aqua, royal blue & fluorescent purple for eye liner and shadow. Urban Decay and Lime Crime both sell super bright eye makeup, and they are long lasting as well. Just be sure to keep the bright color on your lids, or used as liner – don’t turn into a 1980’s hot mess by applying blue eye shadow all the way up to your eyebrows!

Bright Holiday Makeup
Bright Holiday Makeup | Source

The trick to making bright makeup look great is avoiding excess. Focus on just 1 area of bright color. If you’re doing a hot pink lip, go with black smoky eyes. Prefer neon colored lids? That’s fine – just pair with a neutral copper or nude lipstick.

Keep your clothing choice somewhat subtle & remember that a Christmas event isn’t Halloween. With the exception of attending an Ugly Sweater Party, don’t wear clothes that have gobs of sequins, stripes or bows.

Product Suggestions to dupe this look:

Makeup Personality: I’m a no-nonsense business woman, classy & put together. Try a classic makeup look, with matte colors.

No shimmer here, see. This vintage style makeup is reminiscent of the 1920’s and 30’s. Line the upper lids using a black liner pen, and apply black waterproof mascara. Make sure your foundation is matte and light in color, and apply a matte face powder. Actually, make sure all of your makeup is matte! Matte red lipstick finishes off the look. Select ones in the blue-red range, and avoid garish orange-reds.

Classic Vintage Makeup
Classic Vintage Makeup

With this vintage look you should keep your clothes understated, but classy. A LBD with some well placed fringe, or a suit paired with a pearl necklace.

Your hair style plays an important role here. You’ll probably want to create some sort of up-do, with curls. Once you’ve secured it in place, add unique hair clip.

Product Suggestions to dupe this look:

1) Make sure your nails are trimmed and polished.

A neutral color will always look classy, and will match any look, even if you change your outfit at the last minute. Try transparent pinks, or a light warm beige. Top with a glitter coat, and high-gloss top coat for an extra boost of holiday glam!

Nude Nail Polish
Nude Nail Polish

2) Always have perfectly groomed eyebrows.

First, pluck any stray hairs outside the brow line. Then, trace the outline of your brow with an ivory eye liner & blend. Next, use a waterproof pencil that matches your natural brow color to fill in sparce areas. Just doing this alone will drastically improve any makeup look!

Create Perfect Eyebrows
Create Perfect Eyebrows

When In Doubt, Go With Red Lipstick

If you have limited time to apply makeup, go with classic red lips and long lashes. Reds and burgundys are camera-friendly, and long lashes will accentuate your eyes. You'll be sure to look great in all of your holiday pictures!


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