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Sexy Lace Push Up Bras For Men From Lily Of France

Updated on October 14, 2009

Lily of France might look like every other lingerie brand ever created at first glance, a slightly pretentious, slightly nonsensical, highly whimsical name backing a relatively small range of brassieres. But I tell you men, you skip the Lily of France at your own peril, for among the collection are a number of brassieres capable of giving cleavage to a rock.

If you enjoy looking feminine in your bra and often find yourself wishing that you had bigger breasts the Lily of France range can give you good boost for your buck.

Twice the Spice | Lace Push Up Bra

A lacy delight designed to create cleavage wherever it goes, Twice the Spice is a delicately embroidered brassiere with soft molded cups to cradle your breasts and contrasting black lace accents which create an sexy ambiance atop the heavy construction taking place beneath its soft exterior.

Twice the Spice features, as mentioned, soft cups which mold to your body and also pad your existing cleavage. In addition to this technology are side slings which gently press your breasts together for more cleavage. This brassiere is also convertible and can be worn three ways, the traditional way as pictured, with the straps crossed over the back for greater support and hold, and close in for a guaranteed no slip experience.

L'Air Kiss | Lace Push Up Bra

With a little less hardware in its arsenal than the 'Twice the Spice' model, the L'Air Kiss is a beautiful brassiere from Lily of France, and a must have for any lover of lace. The twin push up cups plunge down to a thin band across the chest, showing off cleavage to best advantage whilst black strands of floral lace trammel mesh cups. This brassiere is also convertible and can be worn as pictured, or with straps criss crossed over the back for more support.

Extreme Options Push Up Bra

Now this brassiere is clearly not lacy in any fashion, but I thought it worth a mention for its beige but metallic sheen, its impressive cleavage enhancement properties, which can increase the appearance of cleavage by one whole inch and the innovative straps which are even more convertible than in previous models and which can be worn wrapped around the lower back, perfect for those times you're wearing a dress cut low at the back. (I'm not sure how many of you men like to slip into slinky dresses, but this is the sort of bra you'd be looking for if you did.)


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    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Inspired by this hub, I clicked on my bookmark for Bare Necessities, and the link for bras (which has not worked for several days). It worked tonight so I selected the Lily of France brand. Lo and behold the first one up was the Twice the Spice bra you featured. The very same picture too (though you seem to have cropped it a bit).

      The breast growth program that was linked to here in May is working slowly but surely so I think I will defer any new bra purchases until my final size is arrived at. Inspiring pictures though. Thanks Hope.