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Sexy-Moms Take Yours Back...8 Simple Steps

Updated on February 18, 2012

Sexy - state of confidence...

If you have allowed your sexy self to be put on the shelf, you need to go get it, shake it out and put it back on. Take your sexy back, especially you moms out there. Join me in making the effort to get yourself back on track and as attractive as you have ever been.

There are many reasons why women put their sexy on the shelf. But most of the time it happens to those who become mothers, the principle care giver for our lover's child. All the reasons have to do with self identification and how we view ourselves.

Un sexy reasons:

  1. Motherhood - don't get me wrong motherhood can be sexy and is a lot of the time but it is something we have to look at not as a nurturer but a self aware confident individual doing the most amazing thing we can for another human being without losing who we are in the process.
  2. Stress - this is a killer and should never be tolerated for any reason.
  3. Death / Tragedy - this is inevitable and something we have to deal with but death is a transitional process that we all must face, but if we enjoy our loved ones while they live, losing them is nothing compared to the love and the memories.
  4. Sickness - anything that is longer than a seasonal virus, that affects your overall lifestyle and well being making it impossible to simple enjoy life because you are attached to some medicine.
  5. Abuse - never acceptable for any reason.
  6. Self hate - a killer, silent and deadly, our own suicide while we still live in our bodies.

These are always the top reasons, women become hateful of their own bodies. So in our emotional self depreciating thoughts we do things to harm ourselves and the first thing that goes is our confident mentality and it eventually shows up in our physical being.

Yes, unless you have a medical reason, your body is reflecting your mental attitude towards how you feel about yourself, what you are going through and what you believe is true about yourself.

Stop buying lies!

You are unique! An original that should and can never be a duplicate. That is not why you were ever created. Your uniqueness keeps you free from being like anyone else.

Sexy always begins in the heart's mind! What your confidence says inwardly always manifests itself outwardly. The decision is always yours. You can be sexy at any age, at any size and with any amount of money.

Sexy is not about what you wear or what the current style is, sexy is all about how you think and feel about your own individual uniqueness.

Sexy really comes with maturity and experience, that does not have to be reflected in age but the more things a woman struggles with and survives, the more giants she conquers the most self assured she becomes and that is reflected in her carriage.

When you see women of a certain age, typically over thirty five and she seems to be glowing ask yourself, " what makes her seem like she is okay in her own skin?" That is what we all want to know?

What makes us so awesome as we discover we have survived and conquered the worst - those giants of self doubt, of rejection and of anything else that has caused us to question our value.

Simple steps

Do you know if you break down the rest of your world falls apart. That all of your good intentions are for naught because you now have to go through the process of rebuilding. The time and effort it now takes you can seem like a waste if you do not find ways to improve upon what you have just lost.


  1. Have someone greater than yourself to look to, personally, i call Him - God. Why because you have a focus that is outside of yourself that gives you purpose for the life we live on the planet earth. A man without purpose is a man without a navigator.
  2. Love yourself, really tell yourself that you love "you". That you are interested in having the best life possible in the moment you live.
  3. Live in the moment! Don't live in the PAST = REGRET and don't live in the FUTURE = WHAT IF? / Worry. Every moment we have, whatever we choose to do with it, is the moment guaranteed to us. Living has to do with the choices we make in the time we make them.
  4. Smile, it makes all the difference to your demeanor.
  5. Exercise, it can be just a simple walk / stroll that you take everyday for at least 20 minutes. Something that makes you move, gets you breathing a little heavier than just sitting on your buttt.
  6. Eat foods that give life, that contribute to your over all well being, BUT never not have an indulgence that you call your " treat".
  7. Hobbies - nothing to do with work, or even your family, but something that is exclusively your own that gives you time to yourself and a way of escaping your everyday life choices. Something that brings you a sense of fulfillment and peace.
  8. Enjoy family and friends. The world is nothing without people! I don't care what people say about animals, their work, their hobbies etc. Human beings were meant to connect with other human beings and no matter what we are always looking to identify with someone else.


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